Ukraine flew out of the TOP 50 in the ranking of innovation

Украина вылетела из ТОП-50 в рейтинге инновационности

In 2019, South Korea has retained its status as the most innovative country in the world. However, Germany comes on the heels of her because of improvements in the field of research and education. This is evidenced by the Bloomberg Innovation Index, published today.

United States at this time climbed to eighth place. Although a year ago, they fell out of the top ten due to poor points for the education system.

Meanwhile, among the biggest “losers” rating 2019 Bloomberg calls Ukraine and Tunisia. Both countries for the year fell out of the TOP 50 most innovative countries in the world.

Last year Ukraine was ranked 46th, but now she lost seven steps and takes position 53. The lowest points in our country received for a small number of innovative companies that would have occurred had the headquarters in Ukraine, as well as gaps in education.

Just to compile the Bloomberg evaluated more than 200 economies. On each of the criteria they were assigned scores from 0 to 100, and then calculated the average score.

Countries that did not provide data on at least six of the criteria were excluded from the ranking. Thus, in the ranking there are only 95 countries. But Bloomberg has published data on 60 of them.