Ukraine has banned two drug – 24 Channel

В Україні заборонили ще два препарати - 24 Канал

The state service of Ukraine on drugs and drug control in set two the ban on drugs that do not comply with legislation.

About it informs the state service.

Under the permanent ban was “Structum” (Structum 500 mg, 60 kapsulek) series G02010 company “Pierre Fabre Medicament”, Francja.

This drug was imported into the territory of Ukraine with violation of requirements of legislation of drugs imported without translation from a foreign language (Polsko).

These medications used in the treatment of osteoarthritis and intervertebral osteochondrosis.

Also on the territory of Ukraine is prohibited to implement, apply and store the solution for injection “HEPARIN-INDAR” Series AB 178-1/1, 5000 MO/ml, 5 ml (25000 IU) in vial; 1 or 5 or 100 vials per pack, LLC “Yuriya-Pharm”, Ukraine.

“Geparden” came under a permanent ban on the grounds of non-series sample 131216А.

The solution is used for the prevention and treatment of thromboembolic diseases and their complications in operations on the heart and blood vessels, direct blood transfusions, dialysis and the like.

В Україні заборонили ще два препарати - 24 Канал

В Україні заборонили ще два препарати - 24 Канал

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