Ukraine has blocked the UN manipulative Russia’s resolution on Covid-19 – Oxalis

Украина заблокировала в ООН манипулятивную резолюцию России по Covid-19 - Кислица

Ukraine has blocked the UN draft Russian resolution, which under the guise of the “Declaration of solidarity” to counter Covid-19 contained the requirement about cancellation of international sanctions.

This is in exclusive comments to UKRINFORM reported Permanent representative of Ukraine to the UN, Sergei Kislitsa.

“Ukraine broke the so-called “procedure of silence” manipulative and blocked the Russian draft resolution in the UN General Assembly, which under the guise of fighting with the new coronavirus has opened a window of opportunity for political manipulation, in particular, the lifting of sanctions”, – said the Ukrainian diplomat.

In this regard, he gave some solid reasons why the Russian initiative went beyond international norms, and therefore could not be approved by the General Assembly.

“First, the removal of barriers to trade and measures of economic security should be discussed in a specialized UN Agency – the world trade organization, and not on the sidelines of the General Assembly,” said Sorrel.

Secondly, according to him, the Russians proposed a paragraph on the lifting of sanctions “destroys the logic of accountability for gross violations of the UN Charter” and other international law.

“Exploiting the grief millions of people to receive benefits and to achieve the lifting of sanctions – this is an example of political manipulation. The Kremlin is well aware that international sanctions do not affect humanitarian aid needed to counter Covid-19”, – said the Ukrainian Ambassador.

He noted that Ukraine strongly supports the opening of humanitarian corridors to assist in areas where it is most needed.

Thirdly, the Sorrel, called the initiative of Russia, a classic example of a propaganda cover for his own aggressive foreign policy: “on the one hand, the Russians for the whole world say they are worried about aid to other States during the pandemic, and on the other blocking the transit of humanitarian aid for Ukraine on its territory. In addition, they closed the occupied territories in the Donbas for international observers and humanitarian assistance, not react to the threat of contamination of Ukrainian political prisoners in prisons in the temporarily occupied Crimea or in the territory of the Russian Federation”.

Fourthly, Ukraine proceeds from the fact that the easing or lifting of sanctions should not be at the expense of the fight against the pandemic, and “by stopping the aggressor violations of international law and of bringing him to justice.”

As the diplomat noted, manipulative Russian text undermines the efforts of the Secretary-General and a wide circle of States members of the United Nations, who are committed to real solidarity in the fight against Covid-19.

Sorrel recalled that Ukraine has joined as a major sponsor to the project of a universal resolution tabled by Singapore, Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Indonesia and Ghana, which is already supported by 187 States. “This broad support and is a true example of global solidarity,” he said.

Permanent representative of Ukraine to the UN noted that the political slogans and declarations the virus is not overcome: “we Need real action, without hidden agendas of personal gain”.

The diplomat also said that Ukraine started to draw the attention of foreign partners to the UN on the Russian adventure as soon as Moscow started talking about the need to abolish international sanctions.