Ukraine has filed a bid to host Eurobasket women–2021

Украина подала заявку на проведение женского Евробаскета–2021

The basketball Federation of Ukraine has submitted a bid to host in our country a group and the final stage of the women’s European championship in 2021. Eurobasket can take Kiev and Zaporozhye.

In Kiev and Zaporozhye has the necessary basketball and transport infrastructure for the women’s championship.

According to the format of the tournament for group stage 2 arenas that meet all the requirements of FIBA, each of them will compete, 8 teams (2 groups). In Ukraine, this room can be a newly renovated PS “Youth” in Zaporozhye. Another 2 groups can play in Stockholm, in a hall where passed matches of the Championship of Europe among men in 2003. Swedish basketball Federation has already supported Ukraine’s bid.

The competition final stage (starting from the 1/4 finals) to be held in one hall, which can accommodate more than 5 thousand people. Such an arena can become the Kiev Palace of Sports.

The main competitors of the Ukrainian-Swedish Alliance were Spain and France, which in the group stage I want to also include Belgium and Portugal. France for the last 18 years has hosted the European Championships among women and the Spanish flu was the host last year’s world Championship. In that time, both Ukraine and Sweden are new countries for basketball competitions among women at the highest level.

The decision to hold the women’s Eurobasket 2021 will be accepted by FIBA Europe in June of this year.