Ukraine has found the unique “Moskvich” with almost no mileage

В Украине нашли уникальный «Москвич» почти без пробега

“Moskvich-2141” in the factory as found in one of Ukrainian cities.

The car, which released in the late 80-ies of the last century, ran only 25 thousands km. All this time the vehicle has been stored in the garage and even maintained in accordance with established regulations.

On the body no rust, even though it is not repainted, wheels – factory. Corrosion appeared only on the power unit from the Vase. The volume of this engine is 1.6 liters, power – 80 HP.

Paired with this engine, which many know from the VAZ-2106 was set for manual gearbox 5-speed. “Moskvich-2141” was one of the first who received a “box”.

Discovered the vehicle videobloger said that in this condition these cars are hard to find. The only non-factory change – lockers and LPG.

Why is the car almost has not been used since last century, although preparing for daily operation, is unknown.