Ukraine has intensified mobile scams: how to avoid becoming a victim

В Украине активизировались мобильные мошенники: как не стать жертвой

Scammers are constantly looking for new ways to trick users and get their money. Now mobile cheats has momentum, and is now trying to get a SIM card users.

In Ukraine, the cases of telephone fraud is when criminals call the subscribers, under the guise of employees of mobile operators soliciting sensitive information for remote SIM card. It is reported by CI Tech.

What’s the point?

In recent years more and more mobile phone users began to complain about the fraud attempts of this kind. The essence of the fraud is that the user calling the fraudsters from an unknown number and are represented by employees of mobile operators. Next, the scammers tell users that “to improve connectivity and coatings company Kyivstar, Vodafone, Lifecell (underline) converts all subscribers to the new standards of communication.” However, in order to transfer your mobile number, the customer now need to call three phone numbers he is calling most often, the password from the mobile application of the operator or a code word. This is the most dangerous, because often code word from one user (usually the mother’s maiden name) for all companies, be it mobile operator or Bank.

Having received the necessary information, the scammers with its help, apply for reissue of remote SIM card, alerting the caller that communication can “abyss”, and then will simply need to restart the phone for normal use. However, if the subscriber has the relationship is gone – it means that attackers remotely re-released the SIM card and gained access to the subscriber’s number. With this access, hackers can log in to all services associated with this number (mobile banking, web wallets, accounts in social networks and so on), and steal funds or information of the victim. And for the Bank it will look legal and not suspicious, after all, technically “just a user came in from a new device”.

How to be?

This scheme is quite popular among fraudsters and they are trying to ferret out information from all subscribers. Recently, however, most of these attempts suffered from subscribers of Vodafone. That kind of call wrote on his page on Facebook Ilya Romanyuta, and the author of this article who is also a Vodafone subscriber, a few days ago called Scam. So we went to the press-service of the mobile operator Vodafone is to learn how to be subscribers in such a situation. There we were told that this fraud scheme is not new, and the crooks use it for more than a year. “The contact center operators Telecom company never independently call clients to find out the numbers to which the calling subscriber, or the code came in SMS. Moreover, no action from user is required in order to “reconnect it to a different base station”, this happens automatically,” – said the press service of the company Vodafone.

“Block and restore the SIM card is not so simple. You need to pass the test is to answer a series of questions of the operator, the answers to which, in theory, knows only the holder of the card – pack code numbers which often call the client and so on – full list of issues we do not disclose for obvious reasons. Fraudsters often use different tricks to get that personal information of the subscriber. To provide additional protection for customers, we have taken a number of measures. Thus, the replacement card is not earlier than an hour after the treatment – the number by which you want to change map, is sent as an SMS warning of the planned replacement. Thus, the subscriber has the time to read the text and cancel the created application on the SIM card,” added the company.

However, the scammers are quite entrepreneurial, so in order to avoid this kind of fraud is recommended:

  1. To register with the operator and to install the replacement SIM card only on the passport;
  2. To activate “the ban on the remote card replacement”, it’s free from most providers;
  3. With careful attention to such calls, to analyze the imposed history. Not to hurry. Fraudsters deliberately create a stressful situation in order to destabilize the person, to give a little time to make very important decisions. If it’s a call from the “Bank” or “mobile operator”, you can always hang up and call back or write in support of the Bank/Telecom company in order to verify the story that you have voiced caller.

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