Ukraine has introduced duties on imports of Russian diesel fuel

Украина ввела пошлины на импорт российского дизтоплива

The government imposed duty on the import of Russian diesel fuel, which will operate from 1 August. This is stated in the draft government resolution on the introduction of special duties on Russian goods, which was promulgated by the Director for commercial issues of JSC “Ukrgasdobycha” Sergey Fedorenko in Facebook.

“Stumbled on a draft resolution on introduction from August 1, the special duties of 25% on all products with the Russian Federation. Actual quotas for the import of DT – stamp duty 2% on the annual volume of 2.5 million tons, if the excess – 25%. This amount corresponds to the current level of imports of Russian diesel fuel (annually about 2.4 million tons),” wrote Fedorenko.

He noted that the additional tax burden walked liquefied gas, gasoline and gasoline fractions, light distilate for chemical industry, coal, and medicines with Russia.