Ukraine has offered US a cheaper alternative to the Russian space engines

Украина предложила США более дешевую альтернативу российским космическим двигателям

Ukraine could “knock out” Russian companies from the American space projects such as the construction of missiles and medium-class Antares.

About it in exclusive interview said the head of the space Agency of Ukraine Vladimir Usov.

“Such devices as disposable ULA ATLAS rocket or missile medium-class Antares – they all use Russian engines. But now the enterprises – manufacturers of the Russian Federation under the sanctions, all contracts, accordingly, problematic. And the United States are looking for alternatives. And the only possible alternative in the short term could be Ukraine,” – said Usov.

The head of space agencies noted that the Ukrainian side has provided the American profile companies an alternative proposal, which is 30% cheaper than what Russia offers.

According to Usov, today in the world and in Ukraine still remains the dependence on Russian engines. However, he emphasizes: Kiev has the opportunity to go full cycle for the production of launch vehicles, abandoning the Russian components.

“We are talking about the engines of the first stage, which Ukraine does not. But we can produce them as in Soviet times, such engines have been created by our design Bureau. If we do this, we will be not nominal, but a real full production cycle, and we will cease to depend on Russia. Therefore, such a policy of import substitution should be implemented. Here we are talking about the sum of $30-40 million,” – said Usov.