Ukraine has simplified the procedure for calculating subsidies – who can count on help

В Украине упростили порядок начисления субсидий - кто может рассчитывать на помощь

In connection with the unfavorable epidemiological situation in Ukraine, the government decided to simplify for the citizens of grants for payment of housing and communal services. This information came from Alexei Chernyshev, who holds the post of Minister of development of communities and territories, referring to the decision of Cabinet of Ministers No. 247.

So, according to the text of the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers for a period of quarantine in Ukraine will not be allowed to suspend the provision of housing subsidies, except for the moments when it is impossible (for example, relocation of residents or death of a lonely person).

The Cabinet has simplified the procedure for calculation of subsidies at the time of the quarantine / screenshot from video

The document States about provision of review of questions about the appointment of housing subsidies for the next period for all households that were granted the subsidy for the heating season 2019-2020, without providing citizens with statements about the appointment of housing subsidies. Under paragraph 78 of the Regulations on the procedure for the appointment of housing subsidies, which was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 21 of October 1995 №848, will not be applied.

It is reported that quarantine period, subsidies will be calculated taking into account the increase of social standards for use of 50% of the following services: centralized water supply and drainage, hot water supply, supply of gas and electricity for household needs. The only exception was district heating.

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In addition, the Cabinet has delayed the introduction from may 1, 2020 until the first day of the month following the month the end of the quarantine mandatory minimum bills that will be spelled out the consumed services in the amount of 20% of the average monthly income of the house.

It is known that the government will assign subsidies to those citizens who have lost their jobs in consequence of the introduction of quarantine in Ukraine, and registered himself with the employment service in the role of the unemployed. In addition, all households that were provided with the subsidy for the heating season 2019-2020, will be able to get it without any additional documents or declarations.