Ukraine has started harvesting of early apples: growers announced new prices

В Украине начался сбор ранних яблок: садоводы объявили новые цены

Gardeners of the southern region of Ukraine started harvesting early Apple – and has already announced new crop prices. This is reported by analysts of the project EastFruit.

As noted in the publication, according to the manufacturers, the early Apple season in the current 2020 started a week late due to adverse weather conditions in the spring.

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The price of the first batch of early apples of Ukrainian economy set at 15-24 UAH/kg ($0,56-0,89/kg) that, on average, almost twice more than in the beginning of last season.

The specialists say that the activity of wholesale buyers is still quite low, as local growers offer early apples only small amounts, but larger quantities of data fruit appears on the market in the next two weeks.

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At the same time, the demand for early varieties of apples to date is estimated as a discreet, despite the fact that this season, the gross yield data fruit significantly lower than last year. Ukrainian growers hope that the pace of sales Apple will accelerate and prices will begin to rise with the market launch of apples of later varieties.

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