Ukraine in the Eurovision song contest: which artists represented the state at the prestigious competition

Украина на Евровидении: кто из артистов представлял государство на престижном конкурсе

Eurovision is one of the few international competitions, won a considerable audience of fans. Therefore, every year thousands of people eager to be eyewitnesses of the project and massively buying tickets. Since 2003, Ukraine has just twice refused a prestigious competition, and local artists competed for the opportunity to speak on a popular project.

As you know, all spectators of the Eurovision song contest is waiting for the appearance on stage of the participants from Ukraine. All because local artists are preparing for the music tracks that successfully includes the history of the project. In addition, representatives of vocal show always remain in awe of the talent of the competitors from Ukraine.

While the world held its breath in anticipation of the 64-th international song contest Eurovision-2019. Grand performance loud from 14 to 18 may in the Israeli tel Aviv. And while representatives of the countries-participants carefully prepared for his appearance on the stage, journalists LifeStyle 24 has decided to recall, as local artists fought for the victory in the contest. Of all the participants of Eurovision from Ukraine – see the very interesting collection.

Eurovision 2003

The date and venue – Latvia, 24 may;
The number of participating countries – 26;
The representative of Ukraine Alexander Ponomarev (14).

Be the first to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest 2003 went talented singer Oleksandr Ponomaryov. Debuted actor on stage in Riga, Latvia. In the flamboyant capital of a Ukrainian brought a rhythmic song “Hasta La Vista”, which tried to conquer the European audience.

Many journalists wondered, worried whether Alexander Ponomarev because of this landmark debut. However, the actor confidently said he was ready for the competition. On the show Alexander Ponomarev demonstrated the fantastic vocals and choreography with three dancers. However, to get the desired win, the singer could not. From the audience he got 30 points and were in 14th place of the standings.

Eurovision 2003: watch the video presentation by Alexander Ponomaryov with “Hasta La Vista”

The Eurovision song contest 2004

Place and date Turkey, 12-15 may;
The number of participating countries – 36;
The representative from Ukraine – Ruslana (1 place).

The debut for Ukraine in the Eurovision song contest was a great start to continued success. In 2004, the state was represented by the fiery singer Ruslana. Artist with creative team went to the Sunny Turkish Istanbul and forever inscribed his name in the history of the show.

Before the final performance of Ruslana took part in the press conference and the question of a BBC journalist said that the show will become a proof that Ukraine wants to develop. But his performance, the singer tried to show the countrymen that they are part of Europe.

In fact, we do everything to make Ukrainians feel that they are full members of Europe… I’m not very well versed in politics may not know all the economic details, but Ukraine should strive to develop, because it is very rich in resources and has great potential
– publicly stated Ruslana.

To show the potential of the Ukrainian nation artist successfully managed. Ruslan lit the Eurovision song contest 2004 with the song Wild Dances, during which the whole world has heard the real Hutsul trembita, and colorful motifs. By results of voting of spectators the star won. In total Ruslana received 280 points, and was brought to Kiev first trophy of the Eurovision song contest.

The Eurovision song contest 2004: watch videos Ruslana “Wild Dances”

The Eurovision song contest 2005

Place and date Ukraine, 19-21 may;
The number of participating countries – 39;
The representative from Ukraine – the group “Greenjolly” (19).

For the first time in the history of Eurovision Kyiv welcomed the participants and fans of the international competition. The government is intensively preparing for the Grand competition, because in 2005 the show celebrated its jubilee – the 50th anniversary since the establishment. For the event organizers chose the capital’s sports Palace, which for several months has turned into a Mecca of music lovers.

On the background of the Orange revolution, which ended in January 2005, to represent the state went to the group “Greenjolly”. The team presented the song “Razom NAS bagato”, which was a symbol of peaceful protest in Ukraine. However, the song did not bring the success on the Eurovision-2005 “Greenjolly”, received 30 points from the audience, took the 19th place in the table.

The Eurovision song contest 2005: watch the video performance of “Greenjolly” “Razom NAS bagato”


The date and venue – Greece, may 18-20;
The number of participating countries – 37;
The representative from Ukraine – Tina Karol (7th place).

Already in Athens to compete for the main Cup of the Eurovision song contest decided Tina Karol. Then for the first time in Ukraine held a national selection, which was broadcast on television under the title “You’re a star”. Tina Karol easily managed to win the show with the song “Show Me Your Love” and go with her to Sunny Greece.

In a white short dress with embroidery and show-ballet girl were forced to applaud the whole room. Not smaller success it has received and on the vote: Tina Karol gave up 145 points, so it took the 7th place in the ranking.

Eurovision 2006: watch the video performance of Tina Karol “Show Me Your Love”


Place and date : Finland, 10-12 may;
The number of participating countries is 42;
The representative from Ukraine – Verka Serduchka (2nd place).

Next to conquer the European scene went talented Andrei Danilko, who plays in the image of Verka Serduchka. His victory at the national selection in two ways embraced the society and a politician Taras Chornovil even called a “disgrace Ukraine.” Several radio stations announced a boycott of the artist, but in spite of all obstacles Verka Serduchka took to the stage of Eurovision 2007.

Unusual image of the actor with the silver star on the head and rhythmic song “Dancing Lasha Tumbai” rapidly won the hearts of Europeans, who massively gave the representative of Ukraine. The results show Verka Serduchka won an honorable 2nd place, losing to the participant from Serbia. Such a triumph talented and charismatic artist has supplemented the prize Marcel besançon.

However, this resonance in the network regarding the performance of Ukraine at Eurovision song contest 2007 is not ended. In the triumphal song of Verka Serduchka has twisted the words, giving it the controversial sound – “Russia good bye”.

I was told in Mongolian, it means “whipped butter”. To be honest, I’m all in subtleties did not penetrate, because it really is – “Abracadabra”! She, in fact, makes no sense. And the fact that this accord pulled behind the ears – so it’s just the effect of unfamiliar words
explained subsequently the artist.

Eurovision 2007: see video presentation by Andrey Danilko “Dancing Lasha Tumbai”

Eurovision 2008

Place and date – Serbia, 20-24 may;
The number of participating countries – 43;
The representative from Ukraine – Ani Lorak (2nd place).

To repeat the success of Verka Serduchka managed Ani Lorak. The singer came on stage in Belgrade Serbian with a rousing song “Shady Lady”.

Probably Ani Lorak took into account the experience of their colleagues and saw that no show European audiences are reluctant to vote for the party. Therefore, the singer made a big bet on sexy mini dress and bold statement with mirrors and seductive movements. However, the Ukrainian beauty has excited the hall is not only its appearance but also the voice during the show, Ani Lorak took the high notes, hitting all the audience with his vocals.

And even though the Ukrainian lost to Dima Bilan, it is, as Verka Serduchka, has received the prize of the Marcel besançon. In Kiev Ani Lorak came back with the silver, and after the war in the East moved to Russia, where he tours extensively and receives awards.

Eurovision 2008: watch the video presentation of Ani Lorak “Shady Lady”


Place and date : Russia, 12-16 may;
The number of participating countries is 42;
The representative from Ukraine – Svetlana Loboda (12).

Experience Ani Lorak took into account other incendiary Ukrainian Svetlana Loboda. This artist went to Russia to conquer the spectators of the Eurovision-2009. On the show she introduced rhythmic track, “Be My Valentine!”, during the execution of which Svetlana Loboda showed a sexy dancing and drumming.

However seductive antics have not helped the singer to win. Eurovision-2009 Svetlana Loboda received 76 points and were in 12th place in the ranking. As scandalous Ani Lorak, the ex-participant of “VIA gra” emigrated from the Ukraine. Svetlana Loboda settled in USA and often in Russia on tour.

Eurovision-2009: see video presentation by Svetlana Loboda “Be My Valentine!”

Eurovision 2010

The date and venue – Norway, 25 – 29 may;
The number of participating countries – 39;
The representative from Ukraine – Alyosha (10).

In 2010 to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision instructed the singer Alyosha (real name – Olena Kucher-Poplar). However, her participation in the show turned into an unpleasant scandal.

The organizers of the musical contest, which annually validates each song, saw song Alyosha plagiarism. According to experts, the track “To be free”, which belongs to the artist, is very similar to “Knock Me Out” by Linda Perry. Ukrainian strongly recommend to change the song, which she did.

On stage in Oslo Alyosha came out with the symbolic song “Sweet People” from which she appealed for all people to reflect on the destruction that we bring to nature. Soulful singing and deep sense of the track brought Ukraine 10th place on the show.

Eurovision-2010: see the video – statement by Alyosha with the song “Sweet People”


Place and date : Germany, 10-14 may;
The number of participating countries – 43;
The representative from Ukraine – Mika Newton (4th place).

Fight for Ukraine’s place in the top 5 performers of the Eurovision song contest 2011 succeeded sensual singer Mika Newton. The actress went to the German düsseldorf, where he came on to the scene with the song “Angel”.

Contest Mika Newton decided to create a kind of tale, inviting setting for the talented Kseniya Simonova. The artist has created an incredible story with sand, and her tale will forever be remembered all spectators of the Eurovision-2011. By results of voting, Mika Newton has managed to win 4th place.

Eurovision-2011: watch the video performance of Mika Newton with the song “Angel”

Eurovision 2012

Place and date : Azerbaijan, from 22 to 26 may;
The number of participating countries is 42;
The representative from Ukraine – Gaitana (15).

Sunny city Baku hosted Eurovision 2012 with all the warmth. In Azerbaijan went and Ukrainian singer Gaitana.

The vocal competition star brought not only a rhythmic song, “Be My Guest”, but spectacular setting. On stage, Gaitana showed hot dances and colorful record on the screens that earned her 15th place.

Eurovision 2012: watch the video presentation Gaitana with the song “Be My Guest”


Place and date Sweden, 14 – may 28;
The number of participating countries – 39;
The representative from Ukraine – Zlata ognevich (3rd place).

But in 2013, Ukraine was again in the top three winners of the show contest. It helped make the singer, Zlata Ognevich, which is famous for its stunning vocals.

On stage in Sweden, the star presented his song “Gravity”. In a spectacular setting Zlata ognevich involved the actor who played the role of a giant, and videos that created the impression that the singer was in a fairy forest. This unusual show and fantastic vocals, the European audience was enthusiastic and gave the Ukrainian 3rd place in the competition.

Eurovision 2013: watch video performance of Zlata Ognevich with the song “Gravity”

Eurovision 2014

Place and date – Denmark, may 6-10;
The number of participating countries – 37;
The representative of Ukraine Maria Yaremchuk (6th place).

Try your hand at the international competition is decided and the daughter of the legendary Ukrainian singer Nazariy Yaremchuk Maria. The actress represented the country at the Eurovision song contest in 2014, which was held in Copenhagen.

To conquer Europe Maria Yaremchuk took the incendiary song “Tick-Tock”. Room for the prestigious show, created by British choreographer Francisco Gomez, who decided not to involve all 5 of the dancers, leaving just one. And this decision was probably correct, because Europeans voted for Maria Yaremchuk and helped her to gain the 6th place.

Eurovision 2014: watch the video presentation by Maria Yaremchuk with song “Tick-Tock”

Eurovision 2015

The date and venue – Austria, 19-23 may;
The number of participating countries – 40;
The representative of Ukraine refused to participate in the show.

After the revolution of Dignity and the loss of the Heavenly Hundred Ukraine decided to take a pause and to refuse participation in the Eurovision song contest. Causes of domestic representatives also pointed out the difficult economic situation in the country, the need to save and transition to public broadcasting.

Eurovision 2016

Place and date Sweden, 10-14 may;
The number of participating countries is 42;
The representative from Ukraine – Jamala (1st place).

The events of the Dignity revolution and the annexation of certain regions of Ukraine did not remain without attention of Russian show-business. In particular, singer Jamal has recorded a touching song “1944,” which told the story of the Crimean Tatars and their eviction from the Peninsula. According to the artist, the terrible tragedies of the past must not be repeated – this is the main theme of the composition.

It is with the track “1944” Jamal triumphantly performed at the Eurovision song contest in 2016, held in Stockholm. Ukrainian conveyed the pain of her ancestors and conquered the audience with an emotional speech. The words of the song vividly explains the setting: in the climax behind the singer was seen in a tree that is a symbolic display of connection with the ancestors. Jamal easily won the Eurovision song contest, having received 534 points.

The Eurovision song contest in 2016: watch the video Jamala’s performance with a song “1944”


Place and date Ukraine, 9-13 may;
The number of participating countries is 42;
The representative from Ukraine – the band “O. Torvald” (24).

For the second time in the history of Eurovision and Ukraine took all the participants of the show and their fans. Fans from all over the world came to Kiev to witness the Grand show. And the organizers did not disappoint fans, showing stunning special effects and incredible staging.

According to the results of the National selection to represent Ukraine in the contest went popular band O. Torvald. In capital stage artists took the song “Time”. However, an emotional track about the fast passage of time has not helped the band to win, and the team took 24th place.

Eurovision-2017: watch the video – speech by O. Torvald with the song “Time”


Place and date of the event – Portugal, 8-12 may;
The number of participating countries – 43;
The representative from Ukraine – MELOVIN (17).

Portuguese Lisbon has become a Mecca for tourists, because it is there in 2018 hosted the Eurovision song contest. In the capital came to a lot of artists who took part in the competition and their support groups. Among them – the mysterious and slightly mystical Ukrainian MELOVIN (Konstantin Bocharov).

His participation in the National selection turned into a small scandal: groupies so sick of the artist that threatened the judges. However, this trouble did not affect the choice of viewers and celebrity experts, so MELOVIN really lit on the stage of the Eurovision-2018. During a performance with the song “Under The Ladder” actor turned into a vampire and showed a spectacular fire show. In the end, he took the 17th place. And though MELOVIN not have won the show in Kiev, he was greeted as a triumph.

Eurovision-2018: watch the video presentation with MELOVIN “Under The Ladder”


Place and date – Israel, 14-18 may;
The number of participating countries is 41;
The representative of Ukraine refused to participate in the contest

Perhaps the biggest scandal turned out for the Ukraine to hold a National selection in 2019. Suddenly, before the show, the singer Tayanna abandoned the contest, and in its place has invited the controversial and uninhibited MARUV. On stage she showed a sexy dance, which was on the verge of erotica. But it is this emancipation of girls and rhythmic song like the audience, therefore she was selected as the participant of Eurovision.

After that, the network captured the haters, who openly disagreed with the voting results. At the same time, the media began to appear and resonant parts of creativity of the singer, in particular, its planned tour in Russia. Before signing the contract, the national public broadcasting company of Ukraine tried to negotiate all disputed issues, however, agree with MARUV failed. So in 2019, none of the actors will come on stage in tel Aviv under the yellow-blue flag.

The national selection for Eurovision-2019: watch the video presentation MARUV with Siren song