Ukraine is more than soup and bacon, – Olga Freimut spoke about the creation of the book “the Wedding”

Украина – это больше, чем борщ и сало, – Оля Фреймут рассказала о создании книги "Свадьба"

A successful TV presenter, author and publisher Olga freymut presented in Lviv a new book called “Nearby wedding.” In the artbook, she, along with lyricist Natalia Chibabou showed fans of the Ukrainian traditions, to what scope the once celebrated wedding in Boikivshchyna. On how the idea of this project became a beautiful book – read an exclusive LifeStyle 24.

Olga Freimut began to tell the story of the creation of the book “the Wedding” from the beginning. According to her, Natalia Chibebe wrote to her about the manuscript and the desire to create the book when she was in his apartment on the hem.

However, while they did not have the financial ability to release such a massive product. However, the strong desire of their small team had created favorable conditions.

Olga Freimut admitted that Natalia Chibebe worked on the texts covered in the book “the Wedding” for 20 years. She collected these stories in expeditions from 1994 until 2016. And when the founder of the publishing house Snowdrop Olga Freimut saw these “magical texts”, I realized that this project will have to work hard.

To give something as I didn’t want, and if you do well – it would be costly. And as soon as I started to dream about these texts and think about how to implement them, it started to take shape is the best for this project. Friends reported Grand from the Ukrainian cultural Fund and, despite the competition, we were able to get it. Can you imagine? And I got this Grand in their wedding day, April 25. He is not to believe?
– said Olga freymut.

The author of “Etiquette”, “love” and others admitted that the creation of “Boyko wedding” took about a year. And if the lyrics worked Natalia Chibebe, Olia Freimut and her family, mother, daughter, sister, and grandparents on my father’s side, brought the protagonists of her stories.

Украина – это больше, чем борщ и сало, – Оля Фреймут рассказала о создании книги "Свадьба"

The family of Olga Freimut in the book “the Wedding” / Photo Harper’s Bazaar

TV presenter admitted that the most senior of the family managed to trap shooting mistake – grandparents thought that go to his usual appointment with his granddaughter in Lviv. However, despite the spontaneity, to be heroes of such a project they loved. According to Olya freymut grandfather didn’t even go to lunch in between filming, and my grandmother pretty liked the effect of the corrector on her cheeks.

Of the most difficult, the author highlighted the work with the costumes that they were provided from Museum collections and private collections. About a month, the team collected outfits for themed photoshoot.

Photographed in vintage warm covers, shirts and other outfits it was very difficult. First, it was hot, and secondly, we had to be careful, not allowed to keep food, thirdly, not all the clothes were OK in size, had to hem the jeans,
– said Olga freymut.

Photo shoot for the book “marriage” lasted three days. Styling and the shooting was done Sonya Placidus. Some of the team did in the Shevchenko grove, and some in Lviv. Olga Freimut played the mother of the groom, her daughter Zlata – the bride, and sister Julia – the mother of the bride.

Украина – это больше, чем борщ и сало, – Оля Фреймут рассказала о создании книги "Свадьба"

The couple in the book “Nearby wedding” / Photo Harper’s Bazaar

At the end of the press conference Olga freimuth added that the main purpose of the publication of the book “the Wedding” was to convey the spirit of the boykivska culture to a new generation, as well as the value of the then language, which is now slowly dying.

As was once said about the tradition: not to die it. And Natalia great importance is attached to the translations. Because if common traditions die hard, particularly at the wedding in Ukraine, the culture has disappeared. And, you know, wanted to show it all to a new generation. Especially when I saw my daughter, who is 14 years of age, enjoy looking at these photos and learned how it was – it was unbelievable,
– said Olga freymut.

She also added that this atmospheric shooting would never have happened without Sony Placidus. According to the presenter, she’s added fashionable tone images with Boyko wedding. “Many people associate Ukraine with the soup and fat, and I was very offended. Because Ukraine is more”, – concluded Olga Freimut.

Украина – это больше, чем борщ и сало, – Оля Фреймут рассказала о создании книги "Свадьба"

Olga Freimut played the role of mother of the groom in the shot for artclay “Wedding” / Photo Harper’s Bazaar