Ukraine is preparing for a sensational return to the Eurovision song contest

Украина готовится к сенсационному возвращению на Евровидение

Ukraine’s refusal from participation in Eurovision-2019 was premature for the state solution

It spoke, commenting on the scandal around the national selection for the Eurovision song contest, Vyacheslav Kirilenko, reports the observer.

So the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine on humanitarian questions Vyacheslav Kirilenko made the following statement:

“We can say that the decision in principle not to participate is hasty, in my opinion. It refers to the idea that no one else can participate, there is no more in Ukraine performers. Imposed the decision on the inevitability of the selection procedure, which was applied and has caused so much criticism, and the inevitability of the one who took the first place,” said Deputy Prime Minister.

He added:

“But this is not true – there is always an alternative, more legitimate arrangements, which are provided and documents of the European broadcasting Union regarding the election of its representative for Eurovision”.

In Ukraine, “dozens, if not hundreds of artists” who are willing and adequately can represent the country at Eurovision, said the politician, “to which there are no questions from the public.”

“The time and still is, at least 10 days, but Public television, an independent broadcaster, member of the European broadcasting Union, and tell them nobody can. On the other hand, there are voices of many singers. By the way, the winner of Eurovision 2004 Ruslana, who says we need to revisit this issue and select a participant from Ukraine.

Because the possibilities are there, and options remain for 10 days. But what the decision of the NOTE and whose decision on non-participation is final – remains an open question,” he said.

Recall, a Member of the jury of the national selection for Eurovision Danilko commented on the scandal around the famous Ukrainian singer MARUV, which were not allowed for the competition, despite winning a fair.

“I believe that it is not necessary to abandon a perfectly good representatives that can go. If MARUV refused or she was forced to give up, then have to go the performer, which ranks second – Freedom jazz. If they refuse, then go ahead, in third place KAZKA, let them go. If KAZKA refuse, then take up the fourth place, etc.

People who participated in the national selection, are shocked, I look at them, and I’m so sorry. I remember myself when I was sitting in a suit Verka Serduchka at the press conference, and I say, “As you can imagine Ukraine? It’s a shame”. Guys, to represent Ukraine, only the President, I represent genre, which is in the Ukraine, a musical competition”, – said Danilko.

According to him, “this time” – there are a lot of nuances that are better to decide before the start of national selection. So, it is suggested to the organizers to remove participants ‘ fingerprints, photographed in profile and full face as in jail, check tests, and then to hold a qualifying round.