Ukraine is preparing to restore air service: where and under what conditions you can fly Ukrainians (video)

Украина готовится к восстановлению авиасообщения: куда и при каких условиях смогут летать украинцы (видео)

In the airport building will be allowed only passengers in the compulsory masks.

On Monday, June 15, Ukraine has declared the resumption of regular air travel. At the international airport “Boryspil” is ready.

This is stated in the story TSN.

So, here implemented new security measures. At the entrance is equipped with an additional frame, which automatically measures the temperature. Allowed body temperature increased to 38.

“38 degrees and above are not permitted on the flight, in the terminal. This is the norm for all airports of Ukraine”, – said the Director for strategic development of the airport “Boryspil” Anton Borisyuk.

In the airport building will be allowed only passengers in the compulsory masks. Everywhere there are calls to keep a distance. Installed sanitizer. Contact with staff is minimal.

Before planting again, will check the temperature and to start up only to 37.2. What to do for those who have a higher, but less than 38, don’t explain.

Flight attendants in suits, masks and gloves. And so the whole flight.

Passengers in the cabin will be planted nearby, as before. But the last row will reserve. If suddenly during the flight, someone will develop symptoms of the coronavirus, it will be put behind. And after flying disinfect the aircraft.

The President of the International airlines of Ukraine Yevhen Dykhne said that on Monday, planned primarily domestic flights. Europeans Ukrainians to visit while waiting. The European Commission extended a ban on tourist trips to 1 July. Now only fly the flights. Ukrainian citizens allowed to fly to work, education and treatment. UIA has repeatedly opened and closed for ticket sales. Now again plan to close until Aug. Those who bought tickets for canceled flights, and offer options.

“For those passengers who have bought tickets, we offer several options. Discusses options or postponement of flight, or compensation to the passenger in the form of an electronic voucher with an added bonus,” said Eugene Dykhne.

In addition to Europe, the ban was extended to Georgia, Moldova, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Didn’t close the border Kingdom, but there is a mandatory two-week observation. For the violation, and will issue a fine of a thousand pounds, which is more than 32 thousand UAH.

From June 15, Ukrainians are ready to accept without restrictions on the border of Albania and the United States, according to the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine. And with the mandatory testing on arrival is a kind of Turkey.

“We last week agreed with the Turks and Greece, she is a member of the European Union, that are starting to fly. But that was last week, and this week the situation has changed. Turkey it definitely remains because she is not a member of the European Union, with Greece there would be further consultations, given the decisions that were taken”, – said the head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba.

Under what conditions will allow foreigners to cross the border and will have to serve a two-week self-isolation upon arrival in Ukraine, this information is not ready to announce yet and the chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine Victor Liashko. Now in the ia are waiting for solutions from the partner countries. Only then adopt common standards. One of them will be compulsory insurance for the costs associated with the coronavirus.

In the meantime, Boryspil aeroportom only move runners. On the runway held a charity marathon. More than 4 hours, the athletes have overcome the 40 miles to raise money for protective suits for doctors.

We will remind that on Monday, June 15, the opening day of Ukraine, international flights, international airport “Boryspil” is scheduled 15 flights. The airport will introduce innovations. Also “Borispol” plans this year the reduction of employees by 700 people as a result of falling revenues of the airport due to the termination of regular flights.

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