Ukraine legally proved the absence of conflict with Russia in the Azov sea

Украина юридически доказала отсутствие конфликта с РФ в Азовском море

Ukrainian officials have sold Russia for the right to distribute the quotas for the catch of sprat.

About this on their page Facebook said the former representative of the President of Ukraine in Crimea Borys Babin, the correspondent “Politnavigator”.

“The capture of the Crimea Russians and coastal Novoazovskiy district of Donetsk region in 2014, oddly enough, nothing has changed for Ukrainian and Russian officials from the fisheries. Every year the Ukrainian-Russian Commission, signed the protocols that give Russians the right not only for fishing but also for “scientific research” and the support ships of the FSB’s own fishermen at any point on the Azov.

No one was even embarrassed by the fact that Russian officials included in the Commission, among other things, directly and personally supervised captured in the Crimea property and were engaged in unlawful regulation of fishing from the Peninsula. Moreover, the tacit (at least) with the consent of quotas for the catch, who received the Russians in the framework of the joint Commission, was passed by them in illegal economic structures of the occupied Crimea. All agencies involved in the work of the Commission (SBU, Ministry of foreign Affairs, Ministry of justice, and others), this is clearly completely satisfied”, said the former official.

He also stressed that Ukraine itself has put their Western partners in this position, when the international community can significantly affect the situation.

“We have also prepared legal evidence “of the lack of” inter-state conflict between Ukraine and Russia in the water area of Azov in the form of minutes of meetings of the “fish” Commission, which the Russians of course will be to demonstrate in every possible situation. Will be asking representatives of third countries and international organisations – do they see in these texts the mention of the occupied Crimea and Donetsk region, and do they look at the titles of the individuals at the end of the document, their signatures.

So as a bonus we get and the lack of real response of the civilized countries of the world to the escalation of the aggression of Russia on the Azov. Because after the signing of the “fish” Protocol is difficult to expect effective sanctions against the Russian Maritime business for the captured ship Navy; I am afraid that the key players will be limited next blasphemous inclusion in the sanctions list of a few Russian officials. And even for that, the higher management will give a medal and will continue to successfully resolve financial issues fish of Azov with the “younger brothers” on the Commission,” added Babin.

In conclusion, he regretted the missed opportunities of Ukraine and stated that Kiev hoped the situation will improve in the near future is not worth it.

“Of course, if the relevant officials were concerned not about their own, provided the brotherhood with Russian and Crimean colleagues, welfare – the fish industry of Ukraine would develop absolutely in other direction. And instead of sending the oceanic fishing fleet of Ukraine controlled by the aggressor structures would be undertaken in its capacity and expand applications.

And instead of destructive fishing on the Azov low-value fish old-fashioned tools would encourage the development of coastal aquaculture. It would certainly be when the relevant management body worked for the state, and not sold its interests for the right to continue to distribute “tolkovye” quota.

So I do not even expect that in the near future “hysterical water” of the sea will leave the agenda of senior leaders and managers, and that these self-interested sprat officials will finally have some kind of rational view of the situation,” said Babin.

His post commented on his page on Facebook Crimean ex-economist, head of “Maidan of foreign Affairs” Andriy Klymenko, noting that, folding papier-mache and holding flash mobs, Ukraine will not achieve anything.

“Well, but all Ukraine has learned to fold paper boats and conduct “flash mobs” instead of spending the sanctions policy and the overall policy of economic warfare. Continue to pretend that folding boats you affect something – you have no sprat or anchovy… And they have”, – concluded the expert.

Украина юридически доказала отсутствие конфликта с РФ в Азовском море

Украина юридически доказала отсутствие конфликта с РФ в Азовском море