Ukraine makes concessions, taking on a new “chicken quota” from the EU

Украина идет на уступки, принимая новые "куриные квоты" от ЕС

Ukraine is making concessions, accepting the European Commission’s proposal regarding the increase in import quotas for Ukrainian poultry and 70 thousand tons per year. This was stated by the head of the economic Department of the mission of Ukraine to the European Union (Brussels) Nazar Bobitski, reports citing DW.

“Actually – we make concessions. Without this agreement, Ukrainian poultry meat exporters may continue to export certain categories of birds in the EU without any quotas, in accordance with the provisions of the Association agreement,” he says.

Clarifies that the new agreement is in preparation. Then the document must be ratified by the Ukrainian and the European Parliament.

It is reported that last year Ukraine has significantly increased the supply of chicken meat in the EU. But in spite of this, the country remains the third largest exporter of poultry meat to the Europeans, behind Brazil and Thailand.

Recall, Ukraine and the EU held talks on amending the Association Agreement in part of increasing tariff rate quotas on the import of Ukrainian poultry meat (chicken) on the European market.

Put the chicken in the EU may be only two Ukrainian manufacturers, favored by the Europeans, it is the company “Myronivsky Hliboproduct” (TM Nasha Ryaba) and “pan Kurchak”.

In 2019, according to forecasts of German experts, Ukraine will increase exports of chicken meat, 350 thousand tonnes, ahead of Russia, Belarus and Canada.

Last year, the domestic exporters of chicken has provided Ukraine with 500 million dollars of foreign exchange earnings, of which $ 450 million – the share of the agricultural holding “MHP”, the Company performs 88,2% of all external supplies of poultry meat to international markets.