Ukraine national biathlon team named the squad for the tournament in Norway

Сборная Украины по биатлону назвала состав на турнир в Норвегии

On 16-17 November in the Norwegian Susane where trains the female national team of Ukraine will hold the traditional pre-season start of Norway Cup

For the biathletes of the national team of Ukraine these competitions are of special importance because their results will form a team to participate in the first stage of the world Cup.

Participation in competitions will take 13 biathlon team of Ukraine: 11 women and 2 men.

Women: Olga Abramova, Ekaterina Beh, Nadezhda Belkina, Darya Blashko, Jim Julia, Yuliya Zhuravok, Anna Krivonos, Anastasiya Merkushyna, Olena Pidhrushna, Valentina Semerenko, Vita Semerenko.

Men: Andrey Dotsenko, Sergey Semenov.

It is worth noting that the list is Julia and Jim. She trains with the national team of Slovenia. However, due to the lack of snow in the place of team training, they also moved to Susan.

In addition to Ukrainian team participation in the competition will be the main national teams of Norway, Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovenia, and athletes from Belgium, Lithuania and Latvia.