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Новини України сьогодні 13 вересня 2018 - новини України і світу

Employees to NAB reported about suspicion to the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Vladimir Emelyan. In the US a hurricane “Florence,” which may be the strongest in a decade. Ministry in cooperation with the Ministry of health issued a decree that the unvaccinated children will not be let in on classes in schools and kindergartens. These were the top stories Thursday, September 13, in Ukraine and in the world.

Yemelyan (not)guilty

On 13 September it became known that employees of the National anti-corruption Bureau was informed about the suspicion to the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Vladimir Emelyan. He is charged with illicit enrichment and failure to declare income. Subsequently, the official confirmed presenting him with suspicion by the staff of the NAB, noting that “sensationalism is not found.” According to him, the investigation against him are because, “began the elections.”

In addition, the official claims that the charges against him not wthout reality. Moreover, the Minister accused the leadership of the NAB to pressure and political cooperation with Ukrainian politicians.

Did I bribe? Do I have a own company? Or I lobbied for the interests of the oligarchs, or private companies at his post? Carried out illegal actions? The answer is definitely no. If it did, then it would be in suspicion, not something I ascribe to,
– the politician said and added that for a year and a half it did not find any incriminating evidence because he “knows the extent of their responsibility before the law and the people.”

Also came to the defense of the head of Mininfrastruktury and “popular front”, which he included.

“Politically motivated investigation against him was conducted a year and a half. The Minister has not committed any offense during his tenure: any fact of lobbying, no bribe, no conflict of interest investigation for a year and a half did not, because they are not” – say representatives of polsily.

Details of suspect Vladimir Emelyan: the story of channel 24

The representative of NABOO Svetlana Olefir in comments 24 Channel commented on the reaction of the Minister, noting that the Bureau is not engaged in any political persecution is out of politics.

We add that the hearing in the case of election of a measure of restraint to the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Emelyan was appointed on September 14.

Head of SAP Nazar Golodnitsky, for his part, noted that prosecutors will not be holocaustomata about the arrest or detention of an official, and to ask about the measure of restraint in the form of a pledge of $ 5 million.

Crushing “Nightingale” is preparing to attack the US

To US the approaching hurricane “Florence” which has been awarded the fourth category, and which could become the strongest in a decade. In this regard, the country declared a state of emergency and canceled 800 flights. A natural disaster threatens North and South Carolina, and Virginia.

According to meteorologists, the element can dial a five-point scale, and gusts of wind will reach up to 157 miles per hour, you will have to evacuate about a million people. In this regard, the government urged people to prepare for possible interruptions in the supply of electricity and store drinking water.

In addition, because of the hurricane in NATO have changed the program of the ceremony of transfer of authority of the commander of the transformation that was to be held aboard an aircraft carrier on September 13. At the same time peredoziruet U.S. warships.

We will add that “Florence” can cause massive ground flood and flooded the city to the mainland.

Mandatory vaccination

The Ministry of education and science jointly with the Ministry of health issued a decree in which it is stated that unvaccinated children will not be let in on classes in schools and kindergartens.

The relevant document dated 6 September 2018 with signatures Ulyana Suprun and Lily Grinevich was sent to the chairmen of oblast and Kiev city state administration.

In the decree, in particular, mentions “the tense epidemic situation” with infectious diseases, which is observed in Ukraine for the last 5 years.

The MINISTRY of health another reminder that now in Ukraine there is an outbreak of measles from the beginning of the year recorded almost 30 thousand cases, of which 13 ended in death.

The incidence of measles, rubella, mumps, whooping cough, diphtheria becomes threatening, as evidenced by the alternation of periods of rise and fall in incidence. Given that the risk of massive spread of these infections especially increased from the beginning of the school year, please take measures to ensure the recommended by the world health organization amount of coverage or exclusion of unvaccinated (in the absence of contraindications) children in educational institutions,
– the document says.

At the same time States that which the children of preschool and school-age children must undergo vaccination and revaccination. So, according to the updated immunization schedule, which the MINISTRY of health published July 4, 2018, children will be vaccinated from tuberculosis (BCG) 1 time – 3-5 days of life. Revaccination at 7 years old doing more is not necessary.

In addition, now the second dose of vaccine against hepatitis B, the child will not receive in the first month of life, and secondly.

10 vaccines against dangerous diseases – hepatitis B, tuberculosis, polio, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, hemophilic infection, measles, rubella and mumps of the state purchases, so the vaccine can be done in the clinic of your city.

Новини України сьогодні 13 вересня 2018 - новини України і світу
Calendar of preventive vaccinations

The decree of the Ministry of health about vaccines: everything you should know video:

Network win pictures of the lake with colored stones: amazing footage

USA are famous for a considerable number of seats, which tend to visiting tourists. One of them is lake McDonald, Montana. Feature of the reservoir is colored stones that covers all the bottom of the lake.

Incredible natural phenomenon has attracted attention around the world. People from different countries come to glacier national Park to admire the crystal clear pond where you can see the colorful stones. The Park itself is located near the border of USA and Canada and has over 700 lakes, many of which still remains untitled.

According to the tourists, many lakes in the Park. have a colorful bottom. However, among all bodies of water, stands out clearly MacDonald, because it is the largest lake in the reserve. Stunning mountains, clear water and bright stones impress even the most demanding vacationers. Consequently, the network was captivated by the spectacular images of lake McDonald.

This is the most amazing place I have ever been. This atmosphere, as is no longer here, and it seems that someone will run out and say that it’s just scenery for any sci-Fi movie,
– shared his impressions one of the tourists.


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