Ukraine picks Parliament: what are the requirements for candidates

Украина выбирает Раду: какие требования к кандидатам

The parliamentary campaign was officially launched. Those wishing to become deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of the next convocation waiting with documents in the CEC. Did already someone in the CEC? And what are the requirements to the candidates, tells the correspondent of “Today” Natalia Overseas.

In the morning the Central election Commission post the documents for those wishing to become deputies. But to read it to no one. The lobby’s empty. Only in the afternoon came several representatives of political forces, to Refine the list of papers. Complain that they are afraid not to have time to prepare everything, because the election process began surprisingly quickly, and time is short. Documents from independents and candidates from political parties will only accept until 20 June.

“For now there is just the possibility prepare properly for elections, create a list, prepare all the documents. So I think we’ll all be here in the last day sitting of the Central election Commission with documents” – Situationist from political PartitionKey Burbela.

One of the men who wants to stand as an independent candidate, and came to clarify the amount of cash bail, said that the amount of shocked.

“Very impressed or even said to be puzzled that in all previous elections, this amount fluctuated plus or minus a few hundred hryvnia, but mostly it was 12 000. Today it is 41 730 hryvnia. I think now in many of the appetite will disappear and the desire of independents to exercise their right”, – said the contender for deputatskolovo Vasilevich.

For a party that nominates candidates in single-mandate constituency, the Deposit is more than 4 million hryvnias. Apparently, the claimants had not yet paid the required amounts and collect all of the paperwork. The CEC said: make everyone ready.

While new political forces are studying the list of papers, old reformatted. In particular, the rebranding has held a Bloc of Petro Poroshenko. Now the party is called “European solidarity”.

Its leader Petro Poroshenko said the force will get new leaders and new faces. Most will be community representatives. Goal remains unchanged – to continue reforms in the country, the move to the EU and NATO. May 31 will be held the first Congress.

“They are very hopeful that we lay low and we will not disturb them to stay the path of reform that we have identified. If we’re not on guard – nothing. They carefully waited until we leave. Do not wait, because we are not going anywhere. We stay to win,” Sawyer Poroshenko.

Meanwhile, the decree of Vladimir Zelensky on the dissolution of Parliament is trying to cancel.

Popular front initiated his appeal. The signature for this set of 62 deputies from different factions. View them today, made to the constitutional court.

Members noted: the parliamentary coalition suspended the statement of the popular front on may 17. From this date began the 30-day period for the formation of new, as defined by the Constitution. And before the expiration of the period to dissolve Parliament impossible.

“We see the decree of the President of direct and clear violation of the principle of the rule of law laid down in our Constitution.Attempts, taking advantage of political expediency, to use the law as a drawbar, which is unacceptable in democratic countries”, – said the MP, first Deputy Chairman of the faction “popular front”Andrew Teteruk.

The procedure is an urgent need to identify a referee to consider this view. Deputies say that was asked to process it within one month.

We will remind,the Central election Commission approved the calendar plan of organization provedenia early parliamentary elections to be held on July 21.

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