Ukraine pulled out a victory in Mongolia and reached the playoffs of the world championship 3×3 basketball

Украина вырвала победу в Монголии и вышла в плей-офф чемпионата мира по баскетболу 3х3

Men’s national team of Ukraine on basketball 3×3 won two consecutive victory in the world Cup. Ukrainians overcame Estonia and scored a comeback victory against Mongolia.

In the match against Estonia, the team of Oleg Oskina made a breakthrough at the start of the game (7:3), but allowed the opponent to come back and equalise.

Estonians did not let our children far away, but forward never came. With 13: 13 Ukrainian team managed otovitsa and score victory points in this match is 15: 13.

In the match with Mongolia “blue-yellow” has managed to escape and take the victory. Yielding for 25 seconds before the end of normal time 2 points, the Ukrainians found the strength to escape.

First-up win the team brought Maxim zakurdaev, and after a successful defense Alexander Sizov in a solo passage with Serena scored 16 points for our team, moving the game into overtime.

In overtime, the Ukraine missed the first, but zakurdaev equalized, and timofeyenko sold the winning “medium”. Ukraine won 18:17 and with three wins in four games came in the playoffs of the world championship.

What are the rules in the game of 3×3?
Teams play only one half court with one basket. The two teams consist of three players and one substitute. The command to attack for 12 seconds. The first team that scores 21 points or is the best after 10 minutes of the game, wins.

The overtime is played to two points, even if he starts with the score 20:20. For distant throw – 2 points for the other one. To get right to the attack after throwing their opponents, the team must return the ball behind the arc. After the scored goal the team conceded immediately continues to play from under the basket, opponents can’t interfere with her inside of a semicircle. Each team has one timeout per game.

Starting with the 7th team all fouls are punishable by two penalties, even if the ball has been counted. Starting with the 10th team all fouls shall be awarded two free throws plus possession of the opponent (even if the ball is counted). Fouls in the attack do not rush, regardless of the number of team fouls.