Ukraine said that would happen with solar and wind energy

В Украине рассказали, что будет с солнечной и ветровой энергетикой

For consideration of the bill, which addresses questions on the kW, the MPs have three weeks.

New green tariff. What will it be – the decision of the Verkhovna Rada three weeks. Then the Parliament until the autumn of going on vacation. The relevant Committee should study the two bills with the prices on the green kilowatts. The deputies voted. Supported single document. Some know the correspondents of the channel 34.

Powerful giants company of Carl Sturen for eight years give the green kW energy system of Ukraine. And suddenly in the past year, the Government is talking that will change the tariff for energy from renewable sources. 10 months of negotiations. And then, finally, compromise.

“The Memorandum takes into account balanced interests of companies that build green energy and the interests of the state. The Memorandum is a really big step forward,” says company founder Carl Sturen Vindkraft Ukraine.

On the basis of the Memorandum, the Government prepared a bill. It business less revenue to the state economy.

“In the year of seven billion. In General, under the terms of the Memorandum, the state for the entire period of support up to the thirtieth year of renewable energy will be able to save more than two billion euros,” – said acting Minister of energy of Ukraine Olga Bukovec.

The Memorandum States: the wind farm that have earned in 2015 will reduce the rate of 7.5%. Solar – 15%. And minus 2.5% – if the station has earned this year. There is no difference: solar and wind.

For the changes to take effect, they should be fixed by law. Before it is three weeks. Then at deputies vacation.

“We have to make in such a very short time. We still have time to do it, but it needs to consolidate the efforts of first, the relevant Committee, well, then – colleagues in the room,” – says the MP from the party “servant of the people” Lyudmila buymister.

The Committee considered two bills. One from the government, supported by the President after months of negotiations with business and the signing of the Memorandum. The second Deputy.

“It was initiated by Chairman of the parliamentary Committee Andrey Gerus. There are several improvements of conditions for representatives of the solar and worsening conditions for wind energy,” – said the Director of the European-Ukrainian energy Agency Alexander Humeniuk.

“What Gerus – contrary to the Memorandum of understanding six investors. The reduction of green tariffs and the sun and the wind one way or another will happen. Another thing that one must consider the economy of projects”, – adds the head of the Ukrainian wind energy Association Andriy Konechenkov.

The Committee wants to study both bills. This is the first issue on the agenda. The quorum is, there is no head. Andrew Gerus comes.

Station owners are afraid, if the bill of the Cabinet of Ministers will not support the Parliament, and 16 billion of debt they were never returned. Since the beginning of the year in kilowatts of green power, the government almost did not pay.

“Within two weeks, the law must be reviewed and approved by the Verkhovna Rada. And then since the beginning of August we can go to normal mode,” – emphasizes the company’s founder Carl Sturen Vindkraft Ukraine.

If the bill fails to pass before the parliamentary recess, will return to it in September. For owners of green stations that will be too late.

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