“Ukraine stepped into unknown political territory” – the Western media about the victory Zelensky

"Украина ступила на неизвестную политическую территорию" - западные СМИ о победе Зеленского

Sunday, April 21 in Ukraine held the second round of presidential elections. The Central election Commission has processed more than 95% of electronic protocols: Vladimir Zelensky voted 73,16% of the voters, Poroshenko is 24.5%. Before the second round of the elections, global media have repeatedly written about the fact that Zelensky is a novice in politics and his election may be even more risky than a trump presidency in the United States. Now the Western media are wondering how the President-elect intends to implement the geo-political course, which he promised the country, and how he will fight corruption.

The political naivety Zelensky could become a problem

The British newspaper the Times said that despite attempts by opponents to portray Vladimir Zelensky Pro-Russian politician, Ukraine will continue to move closer to the West, aiming for lasting relations with the United States, Britain and other European States. The fact that Zelensky performed in Russia, had business connections there and speaks Russian better than Ukrainian, has caused speculation that he may Harbor sympathy for the Kremlin. However, the newspaper said, no evidence of any ties the President-elect with Moscow was not presented.

According to Ukrainian political analyst Vladimir Fesenko, not ties with Moscow, and the political naivety of the new President could become a problem.

“It can fall into the trap set by Putin,” – said Fesenko Times.

From love to impeachment

Despite concerns about the legitimacy of the voting, election day went smoothly, and Zelensky was confidently won by the incumbent head of state Petro Poroshenko. To the President-elect has aroused great expectations. Zelensky campaigned on the promise of vague, but radical changes, and this strategy proved to be effective. Now Zelensky have struggled to try to meet the expectations of voters, according to the Economist.

Despite an impressive victory after taking office Zelensky will face serious problems. Competing parties will continue to control Parliament. Zelensky will need to convert their political power “servant of the people”, named after his TV show into a real political machine if he is to gain control of Parliament in the fall elections. In addition, Russian President Vladimir Putin has many more tools with which he can influence Zelensky. The agreement with the IMF foresees a further increase in prices for gas for the population this year – a measure that is extremely unpopular. Disappointment from unmet expectations is the theme of the second season of the series Zelensky, called “From love to impeachment”. As one of the assistants Zelensky: “We know that can happen: it’s already written”.

Ukraine stepped into uncharted political territory

Ukraine stepped into unknown political territory after near-final election results confirmed that a comedian with no political experience and no detailed policy finally put an end to the status quo, winning the presidential election. So on the second round of presidential elections, writes Reuters. The victory of Vladimir Zelensky fits well in the trend to replace government entities that are anti-establishment – this process has been observed in Europe and beyond. Zelensky has promised to end the war in the Donbass and to eradicate corruption amid the discontent over rising prices and falling living standards. However, he did not disclose his plans on how to achieve this. And the investors want guarantees that it will revive the reforms necessary to attract investment, saving and execution of the IMF program.

“Since there is uncertainty regarding the economic policy of a man who becomes President, we just don’t know what will happen. And this worries the financial community,” said an investment banker at Dragon Capital Sergey Fursa.

Viral videos and jokes instead of politics

British newspaper the Guardian sees nothing surprising in the victory Zelensky: the voting results are quite consistent with the data of sociological surveys. The election campaign of the candidate completely blurred the lines between the real Zelensky and his character on the screen, the newspaper said. And the lack of specificity in the pre-election promises did not prevent him to win. “Instead of a traditional campaign, Zelensky suggested voters viral videos, Comedy gigs and jokes.” The Guardian emphasizes that he was able to benefit from the discontent of voters Petro Poroshenko.

“Chocolate tycoon Ukrainians promised that they will live a new life. The pace of change for many has been too slow,” – the newspaper writes.

Chaotic but lively campaign in Ukraine is closely watched in neighboring Russia. While the Russian state TV mocked the vote “like the circus”, many Russians watched with envy for a discussion and a truly competitive atmosphere. Zelensky Sunday it contained a message that could affect the Kremlin.

“While I’m not officially President, I can say as a citizen of Ukraine, all the countries of the former Soviet Union: look at us – everything is possible!”.

A leap into the unknown

French newspaper Le Monde said that the Ukrainians chose to jump into the void, elected a completely unknown candidate.

“Pretty easy to understand, which voted against the Ukrainians, corruption, war, poverty associated with the era of Poroshenko. Something for which people voted is less obvious because of the uncertainty of the campaign Zelensky, which was carried out mainly in social networks”.

The newspaper stressed that populism candidate has a Pro-European direction and seeks to unite Ukraine and not divide.