“Ukraine supports Russia at 2018 world Cup”: video made public speeches Sedokova on the Kremlin TV – 24 Channel

"В Україні підтримують Росію на ЧС-2018": оприлюднено відео виступу Седокової на Кремль ТБ  - 24 Канал

Constant participant of various propaganda events and concerts in Russia, Anna Sedokova, which is allegedly the Ukrainian spacco, during Situpa the Kremlin TV said that in Ukraine all support the Russian national team at the world Championships on football 2018 and for all it is very important.

24 channel earlier reported that Anna Sedokova specially arrived in Moscow to take part one of the propaganda broadcasts that this time was devoted to the quarterfinals of the 2018 world Cup between Russia and Croatia. In particular, it was noted that the singer on the Kremlin TV supported the team of the aggressor and told me how “football has United the Russian Federation and Ukraine”.

Subsequently, the network appeared the fragment of her speech in the program.

“I just want to say a very important thing. I only tonight came from Odessa, and before that – from Kiev. Everyone I’ve met on the street, all said they supported the national team of Russia. All this is very important,” – emphasizes Sedokova in the video.

Nagadala, Ukraine has created a bill in which the performers, who are touring in Russia, will take part in the special registry. Also to each such artist is planned imposition of certain sanctions.



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