Ukraine takes $200 million loan for agriculture

Украина берет $200 млн займа на сельское хозяйство

In Ukraine started implementing a program of private investment in agriculture. Take the money from the IBRD.

Ukraine to attract $ 200 million from the International Bank for reconstruction and razvitiya program Acceleration of private investment in agriculture. About it reports a press-service of the Ministry of Finance on Monday, June 15.

“On may 20 of this year, after the implementation of Ukraine’s internal procedures, a loan agreement entered into force”, – is spoken in the message.

As noted, the program implementation will allow Ukraine to mitigate individual limitations on the way to increased participation of the private sector, particularly small and medium enterprises in the agricultural market of factors of production and goods market of Ukraine.

To achieve the goal of the program is planned:

  • to create the State agrarian registry and open access to the General public;
  • to inventory state-owned lands and make information about them into the State land cadastre;
  • to develop a methodology for developing land-use plans for the consolidated territorial communities;
  • to conduct satellite mapping of the territory of Ukraine;
  • create an automated system for notification about changes in the State land cadastre;
  • to raise the awareness of owners and users of land regarding land rights and ways of protecting them;
  • strengthen the system of state control at the state border of Ukraine taking into account EU requirements and best international practices;
  • to develop and implement the use of interactive information system on food safety and the requirements of export markets.