Ukraine to the OSCE: the violation of “Budapest’s” undermining nuclear disarmament in the world

Украина в ОБСЕ: нарушение "Будапешта" подрывает ядерное разоружение в мире

Disregard for the provisions of the Budapest Memorandum, in which Ukraine was given security assurances in exchange for abandoning nuclear weapons, undermines the whole process of nuclear disarmament in the world.

This was stressed by Deputy permanent representative of Ukraine to the international organizations in Vienna Ihor Lossovsky during the OSCE Forum on cooperation in security, UKRINFORM reports.

“For many years Ukraine has gained a strong reputation as a contributor in nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament. We lost all of highly enriched uranium and voluntarily gave up a huge nuclear weapons Arsenal inherited from the former Soviet Union under the guarantees of the Budapest Memorandum on security, territorial integrity and inviolability of borders of Ukraine. Instead, after more than two decades, Ukraine was cheated, and its territorial integrity and sovereignty violated by one of the guarantor States,” said Lossowski.

He stressed that the disregard provided security assurances “undermines and erodes the global effort to prevent nuclear proliferation and achieve progress in global nuclear disarmament”.

“To remedy this situation, to strengthen the European security regimes and non-proliferation, we urge the Russian side to return to full compliance with the Budapest Memorandum by the termination of aggression and the de-occupation of sovereign territories of Ukraine, as well as compensation for the damage Ukraine”, – said the diplomat.