Ukraine took a course on the rejection of Donbass

Украина взяла курс на отказ от Донбасса

The Ukrainian side does not want to take any measures for the peaceful solution of the conflict in the Donbass, thus sabotaging the Minsk process.

It on a press-conferences in Kiev said Ukrainian political analyst Andriy Zolotaryov, the correspondent “Politnavigator”.

“The past year has shown that being in power of the cartel is no consolidated will to resolve the situation in the Donbass. Unfortunately, the compromise, the move is discarded and interpreted as a sign of weakness. In fact, the peace process stalled and frozen. It’s obvious that Kiev has lost the ability to take initiatives in peace talks. Yes, we are talking about the problems of “Minsk”, but you can recall at least one initiative, which came from Kiev?”, asked Zolotarev.

According to experts, the introduction of the economic blockade was the starting point, when the Ukrainian authorities took a course on the rejection of Donbass.

The analyst stressed that such a conclusion can be drawn on the totality of the decisions that took the official Kyiv of non-payment of pensions and the adoption of a number of humanitarian laws to discriminate against residents of Donbass.