Ukraine was sick with coronavirus without symptoms: what to pay attention

В Украине зарегистрированы больные коронавирусом без симптомов: на что обращать внимание

In Ukraine recorded case of asymptomatic coronavirus COVID-19.

From infected women had only one symptom – fatigue. This broadcast ObozTV told the family doctor Vitalina oleshchenko.

A medic in the chronological order outlined all the events leading up to the detection of coronavirus infection. So, on Wednesday, April 1, she asked the woman complaining of fatigue. “On examination: temperature was 36.6, Sats 99, in the lungs, no wheezing, visible inflammation of the mucous membranes – no. Diagnosed the fatigue that is assigned to drink water, to adhere to quarantine to isolate themselves. And, of course, be in touch with me”.

After 4 days, the patient called the doctor and reported that “weakness and increasing shortness of breath. The patient is unable to take a deep breath”. “We accept the decision that it is necessary to pass a General analysis of blood and I recommend the patient to make a computer tomography (CT) of the lungs”.

Sunday evening, 5 April, came the result of the General analysis of blood, “and this analysis of a healthy person. Leukocytes were slightly reduced, the erythrocyte – 15. Before that, we passed C-reactive protein, a marker of inflammation, and he was 5, normal,” explained the doctor.

Monday, April 6, the patient makes a lung CT scan and the conclusion reads: “orifice of left-sided polysegmental pneumonia. Coronavirus infection in question”.

The family doctor decided to conduct a rapid test for the coronavirus. It was made and showed that “the patient is already very sick for a long time coronavirus infection.” Further test made her 14-year-old daughter, he also has been positive. But the test of the child showed that “the daughter is likely to have strong immunity”.

The evening of the same day the family physician decided to do the PCR test “to detect the pathogen in the upper respiratory tract”. She called the ambulance, the doctors came in protective suits, masks, gloves and glasses.

Then the doctor and the ambulance called in the Virology laboratory, where they explained that “PCR tests can be done in the hospital of this district.” But the hospital said it will do test only in case of hospitalization of the patient.

The patient was told that, “if there are no acute symptoms, no fever, no cough, you should stay home and for hospitalization to disagree. Patient refuses hospitalization, I will send it home typing PCR test itself,” – said the doctor.

“Today I’ll take them to the Virology laboratory for their own transport,” she said. In this context, Vitalina oleshchenko announced a proposal to “ambulances were vials of saline so they could independently score the tests and send them to the Virology laboratory”.

The doctor said that this “atypical and absolutely uniprotokolle” case suggests that cases of infection with coronavirus much more. “If these tests will do the ambulance workers, the statistics will be completely different. And then people will realize that indeed it is a pandemic and this is a very terrible virus which can make some very bad things,” she warned.

The doctor recommended to contact your doctor with any symptoms, “because, as you can see, coronavirus infection can occur with absolutely low symptoms”.