Ukraine will be hit by a wave of strong Allergy

Украину накроет волна сильной аллергии

In Ukraine from 18 to 25 April will show a high risk of allergies to birch pollen.

Most affected Ukrainians living in the towns of forest and forest-steppe zones of the country, reports UNN.

“Dangerous allergen environment will be observed throughout Ukraine, because birch is often used for landscaping. However, the surge in the aggravation of allergic symptoms will be determined not only by the seasonal peak of Palencia birch, but warm and Sunny weather, which finally is projected throughout Ukraine”, – reported in the European aeroallergen network.

While in the air will decrease the concentration of pollen, ash, allergens which react 20% of Ukrainians. The pollen of alder and plants in the cypress family Cupressaceae also still logged in the air, but single.

It is noted that in the Ukraine predicted rain. Therefore, after the precipitation, especially in the South of Ukraine, there will be moderate levels of fungal spores, in particular ascospores and Alternaria allergenic, as well as dispute smut fungi.

Recall that in Ukraine have banned a popular cure for burns.