Ukraine will equip more than 200 checkpoints: what you need to know the drivers

В Украине обустроят более 200 блок-постов: что нужно знать водителям

At the time of quarantine, the Cabinet instructed to establish control checkpoints between areas, in which personnel of national police, SES or physicians need to measure the temperature of all passers. In every region of Ukraine identified several such transmission, writes, “Word and deed”.

In particular, on the PPC you can measure the temperature or to carry out sanitary inspection of things, Luggage and car. As noted, the main purpose of these paragraphs is not the stop of the motion, and movement control and detection of new cases of coronavirus infection. However, anyone who crosses the lines of that particular area need to have a job reference and other documents.

Here’s a list of the checkpoint in Ukraine, where most of the posts equips sums’ka oblast and Odessa oblast.

  • In Vinnytsia region 7 CAT.
  • In Volyn region 17 provides for the establishment of a checkpoint.
  • In Dnipropetrovsk region will 21 CAT.
  • In the Donetsk region 5 CAT.
  • In Zhytomyr is 5 CAT.
  • In the Transcarpathian region equipped with 4 transmission.
  • In the Zaporozhye region 4 transmission in Melitopol.
  • In Ivano-Frankivsk region there are 7 checkpoint.
  • In the Kiev region will be equipped with transmission 10.
  • In Kirovohrad region will be 3 checkpoints.
  • In Lugansk region will equip 3 of the CAT.
  • In the Lviv region it is planned 2 CAT.
  • In the Odessa region there are 26 CAT.
  • In the Poltava region 5 checkpoint planned in Poltava.
  • In Rivne region will be equipped with 12 CAT.
  • In the Sumy region will be 33 CAT.
  • In Ternopil region put 16 CAT.
  • In the Kherson region is scheduled for 6 CAT.
  • In Khmelnytskyi region – 16 CAT.
  • In Cherkasy region 4 scheduled transmission.

Chernivtsi region is closed for entry and exit from 3 April to 24 April 2020. To enter only to residents of the region. Entry and exit is allowed only freight, transit and industrial cars.

Below is a map which shows in detail the areas in which regions are placed checkpoints.

В Украине обустроят более 200 блок-постов: что нужно знать водителям