Ukraine will not release the BTR-4 from European steel

Украина не будет выпускать БТР-4 из европейской стали

Ukrainian producers turned to Europe, “rear” and announced the termination of production of armored vehicles because of problems with standardization.

Zhytomyr armored plant will cease to produce BTR-4 of the European steel because of problems with standardization in the military-industrial complex. The Ukrainian defense Ministry refused to impose an armored personnel carrier in service in the Armed forces. It turned out that for solving this problem is required to coordinate the actions of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and a number of state bodies. However, this is not currently possible because of the pre-election campaign, which officially and should not affect the daily life of the country, but de facto has an impact.

In “Ukroboronprom” declared that do not see the point in this move of the defense Ministry, since such steel is used for European and NATO equipment, and therefore for Ukrainian products will be suitable. In the defense Ministry explained that since the end of last year announced the priorities of the domestic manufacturer. However, the rejection of the use of European steel could have a negative impact on other state-owned enterprises of the country.

This situation may seriously harm the image of Ukraine as a state, seeking in Europe. It is possible that the resigned head of the defense Ministry Stepan Poltorak, but also actually leading the Ministry can intentionally put a spoke in the wheel of the current President and his successors, in order to embroil Zelensky with Europe and to create the appearance of convergence of the former comedian with Russia.

BTR-4 is also known as “Bucephalus”. It is intended to transport personnel of mechanized infantry units and to support their fire during the battle.