Ukraine will play with France, Karpaty expelled from the Premier League: top sports news for June 30

Украина сыграет с Францией, "Карпаты" исключат из УПЛ: главные новости спорта за 30 июня

Украина сыграет с Францией, "Карпаты" исключат из УПЛ: главные новости спорта за 30 июня

The national team of Ukraine on football will play against France, as Novak Djokovic refused to test COVID-19. The main sports news for 30 June – read in the digest Sport 24.

  • 1Украина will play against France

  • 2Джокович refused test COVID-19

  • 3 Karpaty expelled from the Premier League

  • 4B USA raped wrestler

Friendly matches the national team of Ukraine with France and Poland could take place in 2020. The team of Andrey Shevchenko will hold friendlies in the autumn, reports Sport Arena.

Friendly match with the French can pass on 7 October, with the poles on November 11.

However, this will happen if the negotiations will be successful. Where games will be played, not reported.

The fights were scheduled on 27 and 31 March respectively. Both sparring had to go away for the team of Andriy Shevchenko.

The matches were postponed due to the pandemic COVID-19.

The strongest tennis player of the world Serb Novak Djokovic decided not to retake the test for the coronavirus. Novak refused re-analysis five days after the first.

Disease Novak and his wife are asymptomatic. They continue to follow a policy of self-isolation.

On Tuesday in a statement about the positive test result, the Serb said he wanted to retake in five days.

According to the Serbian newspaper B92, Djokovic decided not to do a second test. He considers it optional.

Djokovic will continue to stay in isolation, and then pass a final test.

As you know, the Serb, together with several tennis players are contracted for a series of tournaments that are organized in the Balkans.

Postponed to July 1, the match of the 24th round of the Ukrainian Premier League (UPL) Karpaty – Mariupol will not take place. The team from Lviv will be forfeited (3:0).

FDA described the reason for the cancellation of the match is the lack of financial resources “of the Carpathians” to go to the game in Mariupol.

In the case of missing another match of the championship Karpaty will be excluded from the UPL.

“Given the information provided, the Directorate of the Premier League handed over the case to the Control and disciplinary Committee of the UAF and informed the FC “Karpaty”, which according to the Regulations, in the case of repeated failure to appear for the match without good reason, the club will be automatically eliminated from the competition”, – stated in the message.

The next scheduled match, the lions must also do away with the “Mariupol”.

American wrestler Keith Lee said he was raped by the unfamiliar girl. 145-pound athlete said that the incident occurred a few years ago in Texas (USA).

Keith Lee, who performs in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), said that the incident occurred in one of the karaoke bars where he drank and rested.

According to him, after he sang the song on stage for him at the table sat a spectacular lady.

He agreed to drink with a stranger, but refused to have sex.

According to Keith, he woke up naked in a hotel room and couldn’t remember parts of last night. He said that he was very frightened and after that incident even decided to quit drinking.

“I can only remember how I woke up naked in a hotel room – don’t even know if it was my own room. I was confused and was in a panic. Lucky wallet and phone were with me. It can happen to anyone. So I just quit drinking”, he said.

He added that he had been drugged and raped.

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