Ukrainian-American rocket Firefly Alpha is successful tests (video)

Украинско-американская ракета Firefly Alpha прошла успешные тесты (видео)

Test missile test Alpha joint production of Ukraine and the United States passed April 25 in the city of Briggs, TX. Tested the second stage engine ground on a special stand.

Firefly Aerospace on his page in Facebook said that the test lasted for five minutes and was held vertical to the test pad.

The company has demonstrated a propulsion system in a lightweight configuration design of missiles and fuel tanks, system pressure control and fuel and avionics. Degree, controlled developed Firefly software for flight, operate in silos.

The stage was instrumented to collect data on the mechanical vibration, which will be elements of the avionics and components of the fluid system during the flight. Preliminary results of data analysis indicate that the tested components comply with the analytical models and have not reached the limit of sensitivity,
– the company said.

These tests have shown fully embedded in the operation of large-scale vertical test stand Firefly “TS2”.

In 2019 Firefly will continue qualification testing of both the first and second stages of the carrier rocket Alpha and start of flight acceptance tests in may, following the goals of the first launch in December 2019 from space launch complex 2W Vandenberg air force.

See a video of the test rocket:

What is known about the booster Firefly Alpha?This is the largest launch vehicle class smallsat in the United States, which is expected to be operational by the end of 2019. It is planned that none of the competing carriers the same capacity will not begin to operate until at least 2021.

Украинско-американская ракета Firefly Alpha прошла успешные тесты (видео)

What is known about the Firefly Aerospace?It is a private American aerospace company with headquarters in Ukraine and the USA. The actual production of missiles located in the U.S. Texas, in turn, the Ukrainian employees of the company at the Center of research and development in the river develop a piece of equipment.