Ukrainian-American startup “revived” “the Gingerbread man” (video)

Украино-американский стартап "оживил" "Колобка" (видео)

Ukrainian-American startup has published the famous Ukrainian fairy tale in an unusual format. The gingerbread man comes to life right during the rereading of fairy tales, writes “Voice of America”.

The Book “The Gingerbread Man”. Looks like regular edition.

But if you hover the text with your smartphone, the tale comes alive.

This format is called augmented reality and works by using special applications on your phone. It along with the book was developed by the Ukrainians Manager from Vinnitsa Alexander Music and programmer Oleg Koval, who lives in the USA, in Connecticut.

The idea of the Music app Alexander told his young son.

“I read the tales, unfortunately, it rarely worked before, and one day the son asked: dad, why when we watch cartoon, Gingerbread man comes to life on the TV screen, and it doesn’t come to life? Then I searched the Internet and found this &8203;&8203;technology as augmented reality. And from that time, it was 5-6 years ago, the technology has grown,” says Alexander.

Later, Alexander met with Oleg, who has worked in the field of I. T. in the United States, and they founded a joint startup, said forumdaily.

“We use the technology of augmented reality AR using unity. We do mobile app for Android and Apple devices. The technology works in such a way that it activates the camera on your mobile device and when the camera sees a picture, she recognizes it as code and draws a picture on the screen of your phone,” – says Oleg.

Tale has music and professional VoiceOver. If you stop the cursor on the image and click hero, he will begin to speak or sing while in English and Russian. But now the project is adapting under 12 languages, including Ukrainian. This involved the Ukrainians in Canada.

“It is very important to have Ukrainian books that children did not forget the Ukrainian language. I think the project is very interesting. We also planned to create the Ukrainian alphabet with different animals,” says project Manager in Canada Tatiana Gutnik.

The tale with augmented reality from afar in 2018 in Ukraine. And in 2020 launched in America. Gameplay: the goal of the project is to teach children to use the gadgets to use and to draw attention to Ukrainian literature.

“The phone is created not only in order to play games. Our project helps to unite technology with the classic form of parenting, because it is not the phone is the ultimate goal, and the book, and the child in another begins to accept the technology,” says Alexander.

Now the book is available both in Ukraine and in the United States. Oleg and Alexander say a plan to release in this format and other Ukrainian tales.