“Ukrainian army shoots at homes and schools.” Why Zelensky changing rhetoric on the war in the Donbas

"Украинская армия стреляет по домам и школам". Почему у Зеленского меняют риторику по войне на Донбассе

On Friday, June 7, Vladimir Zelensky made a statement in which he called on Russia “to resume control of the mercenaries in the Donbas” to stop the attacks.

This caused a huge outcry from the “porkopolis” and nationalists. After all, earlier in the official interpretation of Kiev Ukrainian troops in the Donbas were opposed by the “Russian occupation troops”, and not some independent “mercenaries” who can shoot when they want, and not when Moscow ordered.

That is, from the point of view of supporters of Poroshenko is a statement of pure “zrada”.

Further more. In the EIR program “Right to Vlad,” press Secretary Yulia Zelenskaya Mendel, perhaps, was the first since the war began official, which acknowledged for the first time has long been an obvious fact – the shelling of the Ukrainian forces in the Donbass fall, including civilians.

For this reason “Parkaboy” again exploded with indignant comments.

But more importantly – the team of the new President slowly changing rhetoric on the conflict in the Donbass. Why does it mean something more than just words – understand the “Country”.

1. That said Zelensky?

On 7 June, after information about the deaths of two Ukrainian military in the Donbass, the press service of the President issued a statement of Vladimir Zelensky, in which he urged Russia “to regain control of the mercenaries” to stop the shelling in the Donbass.

“A flagrant violation of the Minsk agreements – the use of artillery – shown, at least a partial loss of management and control of mercenaries. We hope that the Russian side will resume control of these divisions”, – quotes the words Zelensky his press service.

The President also noted that at the diplomatic level, the Ukraine will continue to insist on the ceasefire and release of prisoners.

“The shelling of the Ukrainian military – an obvious attempt to once again disrupt the process of negotiations on the cease-fire. Whoever gave the order – the Armed forces of Ukraine will be tough, and in accordance with the situation. And on the diplomatic level, our position on the need for a ceasefire and the release of prisoners will remain solid and unchanged,” – quoted the head of state’s press service.

2. That said, the “war party”?

This statement caused a total dissatisfaction with the “party of war”.

So, the MP from the popular front Andrei Teteruk (goes to Parliament in the party list Groisman) said that the words Zelensky is a foolish attempt to justify the aggression of Russia.

“To justify the aggression of Russia, explaining the loss of control over “mercenaries” is stupid. Refer to the direct norm of the law of Ukraine, which reads in part, “whereas, the Russian Federation commits the crime of aggression against Ukraine and carries out the temporary occupation of part of its territory by armed forces of the Russian Federation, consisting of regular troops and units subordinate to the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, divisions and special formations subordinate to other law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation, their advisors, instructors and irregular illegal groups, armed gangs and mercenary groups created, subordinates, managed and financed by the Russian Federation, and with the help of the occupying administration of the Russian Federation, which constitute its state organs and structures are functionally responsible for managing the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, controlled by the Russian Federation the self-proclaimed authorities who usurped performing power functions in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine”(with). For everything that happens in the occupied territories are the sole responsibility of Russia as the aggressor country, and no one else!” – wrote Teeruk.

Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko surprised that it was real Zelensky, and not some fake.

“It’s not fake. This is the official page of the new AP, which came to the gods of communication. Zelensky, the President hopes that the Russian side will resume its control over the units! in Ukrainian, the occupied Donbas!!! We are talking about the control of the occupying forces, and Zelensky hopes that Russia will not leave, do not take away their weapons and equipment from the Ukrainian territory, withdraws its mercenaries, and…. regained control over the units. Open “secret” in Russia complete control over the so-called “power” of the so-called ORDO, and 400km Ukrainian border”

Vice Prime Minister on European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine Ivanna klympush-Tsintsadze said that she wants to believe that this statement Zelensky is an unfortunate mistake.

“I want to believe that there was an incredibly unfortunate mistake. Because if the President believes that in the occupied territories of East Ukraine is something that can happen without the knowledge of the Kremlin, it’s a disaster. Even greater horror is that the Russian President’s statement looks almost the stabilizing side. This is what he wants to hear from Putin”.

3. Why so many disturbances?

The official rhetoric of Ukraine, and the Zelensky earlier, lies in the fact that the shelling in the Donbass is Russia, which carries out aggression in the Donbas.

In Russia, however, said that the Donbas locals and the armed groups of the so-called “republics”.

The last statement of the Ukrainian President, which attacks the accused is not Russian, but mercenaries, which, according to him, out from under Moscow’s control, is a definite move towards the Russian position.

As for how actually things work in the “armies” of republics, where the situation is twofold.

On the one hand, they are more than 90% of local residents (i.e., citizens of Ukraine). And in this respect they cannot be called “Russian occupying forces”. As a minimum, because they are not part of the Russian regular army. And are not 9V boshinstve) Russian citizens, and serve at home.

On the other hand, the command of two “army corps,” in which are assembled armed groups “DNR” and “LNR” is entirely in the hands of the Russian military. Which exercise a very tight control.

Which, of course, does not exclude the initiative of individual units on the front line. However, the position of the separatists completely reversed the position of Kiev. They claim that they are only to return fire and the first Minsk agreement are not violated.

But overall, the new interpretation of the events in the Donbas from Zelensky is much closer to the real situation than the former stepmy propaganda about “occupation troops”.

4. Said Julia Mendel about the shelling of the Ukrainian army?

Another batch of “zrada” (from the point of view of “porkopolis”) announced by press Secretary Poroshenko Julia Mendel.

Commenting on Kuchma that the Ukrainian army should not open fire in response, Mendel said the statement of the former President “out of context” and the APU will continue to fire in response to enemy fire.

According to the spokesperson, it was about that often fall on the Ukrainian military provocations, “when they shoot from houses, kindergartens, schools, hospitals – any place where there are civilians”.

“This is followed by the shelling of this house. Thus killed our people, our Ukrainians. And it was about how not to succumb to provocations,” – said Julia Mendel.

Note that sounded Mendel information is no longer secret. Both sides of the conflicts, which is frequently mentioned in the reports of international organizations often place their firing points within the residential area, which then cover and return fire.

However, the first time it was recognized as an official Ukrainian person.

Which, of course, caused a huge outrage among supporters of the outgoing government, for which such recognition has always been a severe taboo.

“They are convinced that the APU in the Donbass, in order, shooting at civilian hospitals and kindergartens. It’s not a red flag. This is a prerequisite for tomorrow to call every soldier and veteran criminal and the judge. Never in my memory did not fire on hospitals, schools and especially kindergartens. Never. Even if it worked the militants. He gritted his teeth, but have never done this,” wrote YouTube in a well-known blogger-porohobot Roman Donik, published an excerpt from the speech Mendel.

5. What is the meaning of the statement Zelensky and his team?

Recently Zelensky and his associates made many contradictory statements on war and peace in the Donbass.

Recent example – the history of the blockade of Donbass, which either wants to cancel the ze team, or doesn’t want.

Therefore, it is obvious that it is not necessary after any new statements to make far-reaching conclusions.

However, it is noteworthy that changing the “conceptual apparatus” in the performance of the Bank. Confrontational rhetoric remains, but is mixed in with certain “passes” to the Russians. Sentences like “take control of mercenaries”.

Another issue is that it is only certain words (which kompensiruet other, much more numerous words, for example, in Brussels, on the course to NATO and Russian aggression).

As for the real cases in terms of the implementation of the political part of Minsk agreements (the main condition for the start of the process of the peaceful reintegration of Donbass), there is no progress from the new team.

And while nothing indicates that they will appear after the elections (judging by the composition of people who go to work in AP).

At the moment, evident only the PR effect, applications Zelensky and his team at the Donbass, each of them is of a Grand stream of negativity from porkopolis and nationalists. And it is good for the rating “public Servants” among voters in the South East, helping to maintain the image of a “peace party” even without any real steps and actions. Thanks to mere words and negative reactions to them leaving power, which is increasingly irritating the society.

"Украинская армия стреляет по домам и школам". Почему у Зеленского меняют риторику по войне на Донбассе

"Украинская армия стреляет по домам и школам". Почему у Зеленского меняют риторику по войне на Донбассе

"Украинская армия стреляет по домам и школам". Почему у Зеленского меняют риторику по войне на Донбассе