Ukrainian band Dakh Daughters has performed at the iconic radio stations of the USA: video

Украинская группа Dakh Daughters выступила на культовой радиостанции США: видео

Ukrainian band Dakh Daughters conquers the American music lovers. The band played well-known songs on the iconic US radio station – KEXP.

Dakh Daughters performing in the genre of freak-cabaret, decided to expand the circle of their fans. Extravagant, the band has performed songs for one of the prestigious American radio station KEXP.

The entry of Ukrainian musicians took place in January of 2019, but on 9 April the representatives of the radio station posted a video of a fabulous performance Dakh Daughters. It is known that the artists played songs from the new album. In particular, the radio sounded the tracks “Bot Verres”, “Rosy”, “Druzhba”.

Dakh Daughters on the radio KEXP song “Sep Verres”: watch the video

Dakh Daughters on the radio KEXP performed the song “Rosy”: watch the video

Dakh Daughters on the radio KEXP performed the song “Druzhba”: watch the video

Dakh Daughters on the radio KEXP song “To Moye More”: watch the video

Dakh Daughters – not the first group that delights listeners of the radio station KEXP. Previously, there sounded a talented team DakhaBrakha. This is probably due to the artistic Director Vladislav Troitsky, who has partnered with the two groups.

What is known about Dakh Daughters?A musical / theatrical group has chosen an unusual genre – freak-cabaret. Talented vocalist and musicians Nina Garenetska, Ruslana Khazipova, Tanya Gavrilyuk, Solomiya Melnyk, Anna Nikitina, Natalya Halanevych, Natalia Sosul masterful blend of singing, playing musical instruments and theatrical performance.

The team exists since 2012. During this time, the Dakh Daughters have released two Studio albums, IF (2016) and Air (2019). In addition to singing career, the musicians support important initiatives, in particular, UAnimals, national March for animal rights. In August 2018 Dakh Daughters have publicly supported a prisoner in Russia Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov. It happened during the festival Jazz Koktebel, the Black sea.