Ukrainian Bank was first held with the client currency swap

Украинский банк впервые провел с клиентом валютный своп

Ukrainian Bank for the first time in the history of financial market of Ukraine has held with his client, the operation of the currency swap in the format of the hryvnia-dollar.

The operation was carried out on 21 March. The first test transaction was carried out by the Bank with a company that is one of the largest Ukrainian exporters of agricultural products.

Swap – exchange of currencies with a commitment to reverse the exchange after a certain time.

“In the framework of the exchange rate liberalization, national Bank provided the opportunity for Ukrainian businesses to use such instruments to minimize its currency risk and liquidity management in different currencies, such as forwards and swaps. It is a civilized world practice and admission to Ukrainian enterprises is undoubtedly a positive signal for the economy”, – said the Deputy Chairman of the National Bank Oleg Churiy.

Operation became possible thanks to the new currency liberalization.