Ukrainian basketball player continues to be the best at the European Championships

Украинская баскетболистка продолжает быть лучшей на чемпионате Европы

Striker women’s national team of Ukraine on basketball Alina Yagupov after 2 rounds of the group stage of the European championship remains the best scorer of the tournament.

It is reported by the basketball Federation of Ukraine.

In the first match with Spain, the leader of the Ukrainian team scored 38 points in the second meeting with Latvia – 28 points. Also Alina the best indicator of efficiency in the game (31,5).

I should add that and assists Yagupov now takes a high second place in the overall standings (14).

As you know, the female national team of Ukraine on basketball lost both starting match of the European championship.

Next, decisive, a team of Ukraine will hold on Sunday, 30 June in Riga. At 13:00 team Garasha of Bošković will play against great Britain.

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