Ukrainian basketball player threw the ball from his half before the siren: incredible video

Украинский баскетболист забросил мяч со своей половины перед самой сиреной: невероятное видео

In the championship of Ukrainian basketball club “Dnipro” on Friday, February 1, took “Kiev-basket”. Interesting moment of the meeting occurred on the last second of the first quarter.

With the score tied 22:22 at the end of the first quarter the home team got right on the attack. But since time was short, defender Olexandr Mishula decided on a far shot from their own half. And the ball hit the basket with a siren on a break. Thus, the basketball player managed buzzer-beater.

Video incredible throw Misuli Alexander with his half of the field

For the match, “Dnepr” drove to victory 75:65

What a buzzer-beater?
English from buzzer beater – a shot with Serena. Throw in basketball, perfect just before end of quarter with the accompanying sound of a siren. This term, in most cases, used with respect to successful shots that bring the team to victory or translate the game into overtime. If the player releases the ball from his hands, and the siren about the end of time is heard in the flight of the ball, accurate shot still counts.

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