Ukrainian basketball player told the story of how he almost lost his career because of sports betting

Украинский баскетболист рассказал историю, как чуть не потерял карьеру из-за ставок на спорт

Украинский баскетболист рассказал историю, как чуть не потерял карьеру из-за ставок на спорт

Athletes are prohibited to make bets on sporting events. Sometimes these events end pretty badly. And not just for breaking the rules. At stake could be much more.

Your story about bookmakers, debt and threats of the Ukrainian basketball player Michael Gorobchenko on his Facebook page.

To 22 years old player managed to play for the team, “Kryvbas”, “Niko-basket” and “Kiev-basket” and “Chemist” from the super League. He played for youth national teams of Ukraine and in the U-20 was a captain.

Украинский баскетболист рассказал историю, как чуть не потерял карьеру из-за ставок на спорт

Украинский баскетболист рассказал историю, как чуть не потерял карьеру из-за ставок на спорт

Michael Gorobchenko in the youth team of Ukraine / photo by Sergey Cherkasov

The beginning of the problems

According to Michael Gorobchenko his career was going well, until he has registered in one of bookmaker offices in December 2019.

“First, put a little money and playing purely for fun, but then the excitement quietly captured, and the amount was becoming more and more”, – said the player.

The basketball player says he wasn’t put money on of our own team and matches of the championship of Ukraine.

“It’s been quite some time, and I realized that he had lost all his money. Here to stay, but the excitement overwhelmed me and I began under various pretexts to massively borrow money from other people – both friends and those with whom he was barely familiar. Since I am more often lost than won, the debt accumulated decent, and I have to reborrow some people to pay an old debt to others. The worst thing – I always lied and continued to play on rates. Now a lot of people hold a grudge on me for it, I remember and understand them. I hope as soon as possible to pay them”, assured Michael Gorobchenko.

About the situation with the game in bookmakers learned in the club. Coach Vitaly Stepanovski first tried to help the basketball player. But he continued to bet. Therefore, the management “the Chemist” has decided to expel the player in the middle of the season.

The more worse. Debt situation led to a quarrel with my parents, I lost my wife, Dasha. I started reborrow money from companies that are engaged in microloans. In General, very soon I became acquainted with the collectors and just people who bomb my phone with various threats. These threats to come to me so far, and I don’t know what to do with them,
– said the basketball player.

Return to “Niko-basket”, a coronavirus, a restaurant job

Gorobchenko after that took in “Niko-basket”. However, the championship was interrupted because of a pandemic coronavirus, so the player has de facto left without a job. And without money.

“Fortunately, this time helped by the parents. Summer helped his father make repairs and got a job in a restaurant. So it turned out to earn some money to pay off debts. The only plus in this story – I learned to cook,” – said the player.

The light at the end of the tunnel

According to Gorobchenko now his life begins to improve. From April 2020, he does not play in bookmakers

“Now I’m 22, and I still cling to his basketball future, his career can only see in basketball. Thanks again my club that still believes in me! I want to apologize to everyone that I in recent months is disappointing. I remember about all my debts, give me a few months, I will pay every! I especially ask forgiveness from their parents. I know how badly they failed, you know how they worried about me every day. I lied, not told the whole truth to the end and continued to play on rates. It is my sincere recognition. I decided to take this step, because he was tired of rumors and lies. His own lies. I want to finish this once and for all and to encourage other kids not to repeat my mistakes. Sometimes a simple game can make you far away and not there” – summed up Michael Gorobchenko.

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