Ukrainian basketball team was punished due to a shell of the player

Украинскую баскетбольную команду наказали из-за подставного игрока

Team DYUSSH-1 “Edelweiss” from Khmelnytsky in their matches used the dummy to the player from the older age group. The team was punished for it.

An internal investigation confirmed the fact that under the name Daria Removal (2006 R.) from the school No. 9 of Khmelnytskyi actually played Diana Polevok (born in 2005) UVK №2 Khmelnytsky. This is stated in the message of the basketball Federation of Ukraine.

According to article 44 of the Rules of the XVII championship of Ukraine among youth teams DYUSSH-1 “Edelweiss” credited the defeat of the “Deprivation of rights” in all matches WUBL, where the player appeared under the name of Daria Aramova.

Also decided to remove from the leadership team DYUSSH-1 “Edelweiss” in all official competitions FBU before the end of the season-2018/19 G. coach Tymchuk.