Ukrainian beh won gold at the Junior world Championships

Украинка Бех завоевала золото юниорского чемпионата мира по биатлону

20-year-old Ukrainian Kateryna Bech won the sprint at the Junior world Championships in biathlon, which takes place in slovacco Brezno-Osrblie.

Before the start of the race, the main question was – can someone challenge the fastest athlete of the championship Camilla beetle. The answer to this question depended on the Polish Junior women – or rather, from its accuracy on the boundary.

And, fortunately for the Ukrainian team, Kamila has made one blunder at every turn, giving a chance to competitors. But to take advantage of this chance managed only Catherine beh. Ukrainka without penalties, finished the distance of 7.5 kilometers with a time of 21 minutes and 3.6 seconds, and Kamila beetle is content in this race, only silver.

In the competition for bronze the representative of Germany Hannah Kobinger just 0.2 seconds has bypassed the younger sister of Olympic champion from Sweden Elvira Oberg.

The second best result among the Ukrainians showed Anna Krivonos, which, with one penalty, finished 10th, behind leader at 31.3 seconds.

In turn, Valery Dmitrenko finished in 19th place, without mistakes behind beh per minute and 1.9 seconds. Anna Kovalenko – the fifty-third with 2 penalties in 2 minutes and 27.6 seconds.

Previously on 24 channel wrote that in the sprint race at the Junior Bogdan Tsymbal was in the flower ceremony, finishing high 4th place.

1. Catherine Beh (0+0) 21:03,6
2. Kamil ZUK (1+1) +12,1
3. Hannah Kubinger (0+0) +14,0

10. Anna Krivonos (0+1) +31,3
19. Valeria Dmitrenko (0+0) +1:01,9
53. Anna Kovalenko (1+1) +2:27.6

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