Ukrainian biathlete called his result at the world Cup a Fluke

Украинская биатлонистка назвала свой результат на этапе Кубка мира случайностью

Ukrainian biathlete Yana Bondar commented on 27 place in a short individual race at the world Cup in Canmore, Canada.

Sport 24 reported that the victory in this race won Norway’s Tiril, Ekhoff, which is better able to adapt to difficult conditions. With one miss on the shooting range she covered the distance in 36 minutes.

The strongest of Ukrainians turned out to be Yana Bondar. It with two penalties in the prone stages, finished 27th. For Yana it is the third best result in his career. 36 place went to Olena Pidhrushna, who made only one mistake.

I was glad that I was put on the race. Individual race is not exactly my discipline, and given that we still have Mary Krokowa, I was sure to start would be her. And the fact that I ran today better than the other… Well… it was an accident, I was lucky. And on the relay stage I do not pretend,
– said Yana Bondar.

By the way, on February 9 women’s biathlon team in Canmore waiting for the relay race, the start of which is scheduled for 23:40 Kyiv time.

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