Ukrainian biathlete mentally depressed, the Russian coach explained the failure

Украинские биатлонистки психологически подавлены, – российский тренер объяснил неудачи

Russian expert Andrei Prokunin, coach of the female national team of Ukraine in biathlon, expressed his opinion regarding the failure of the Ukrainian biathletes. Specialist declares that disastrous season – it is the fault of the coaching staff, not athletes.

Prokunin said that the Ukrainian biathlete mentally depressed.

“All the girls are ready. Mentally depressed, but try to bring them back to normal. To show that the season doesn’t end there. All teams have slumps. Here, of course, we need to sit down and analyze why this happens”, – quotes Prokunina UA:Biathlon.

We have also this year had three ways. Anastasia Merkushina own way, Julia, Jimmy. But the team as a whole is not showing results. Therefore, it is necessary to sit down and figure out where mistakes were made. In the past year, something not done or something. Overall it was a collaboration, it is in any case not the fault of the athletes. Primarily it is the fault of coaching staff could not find a common understanding of what is happening. There is still half of the season – we are quite optimistic about the European championship and world championship. Ready and waiting for the results,
– said the Russian coach of women.

Note that the women’s team of Ukraine biathlon relay failed on the seventh stage of the world Cup in Canmore. Ukrainka finished only in 14th place. In German Ruhpolding Ukrainka completed the relay by as much as 15 positions, which was the worst result of the team’s history.

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