Ukrainian boxer dalakan won and defended his WBA title

Украинский боксер Далакян победил и защитил чемпионский титул WBA

Ukrainian boxer Artem Dalakyan without any problems won Sarasota Thornham from Thailand. Ukrainian is the third time he defended the title of champion WBA in the Bantamweight (up to 50.8 kg)

The fight itself took place on the helipad Parkovy center in Kiev. Ukrainian, from the start began to actively put pressure on the opponent. So Fornham not always keep up with the pace of Dalakian.

In the ninth round opponent Dalakan fell into the ring, but the referee disallowed the knockdown. However, in the tenth round he stopped the fight. Ukrainians actively attacked Thornham and he couldn’t defend himself. So the fight was stopped.

For Dalakan it was already the third protection.