Ukrainian-British Thriller “Legacy of lies” has already acquired more than 20 countries

Украинско-британский триллер «Наследие лжи» уже приобрели более 20 стран

Film adriana bol “Legacy of lies” produced by Legacy Films and Toy Cinema (co-production of UK and Ukraine) will show in more than 20 countries around the world. The rights to the film were purchased also Amazon Prime and Apple Plus.

This was reported in Facebook, the co-producer of the film Alla White.

“Friends, you all know that we made the film Legacy of lies (“Legacy of lies”). We were the main producers, raised financing and produced independently. When we started, we didn’t know how to work… But we learned and won! Even during the period of quarantine and the crisis of the film took more than 20 countries. Look at the list below where you sold the film, and the first premiere from Lionsgate in the U.S. starts on July 28. In China, the laminating film will be FOX. Amazon and Apple already took the film on their platform. In Asia, the film will be released not only on platforms but also in theaters,” wrote co-producer. She released a full list of countries which today has acquired the film, among them Latin American countries, USA, Canada, China, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Japan.

She also recalled that soon will take place the premiere of the film in Ukraine.

As reported, the film’s release in Ukraine is scheduled for autumn 2020. In early March, 2020 the company Toy Cinema presented to the State Agency of Ukraine for the movie is completed full-length feature film directed by adriana bol “Legacy of lies” / Legacy of Lies. In late may, released the international trailer of the film.

The events in the film unfold in Kiev. Martin Baxter, a former MI6 operative, is forced to return to the world of espionage to protect a young Ukrainian journalist Sasha Stepanenko, who asks his help in uncovering the shocking truth about the secret operations of the international intelligence agencies.

Role in the film performed by Ukrainian and international stars Scott adkins (Scott Adkins), Julia Sable, Anna Butkevich, nifsi of honor (Honor Kneafsey), Martin McDougall (Martin McDougall), and others.

The Director and script writer – Adrian Bal. The producers – Alla White and Dmitry Sukhanov (Ukraine), mark Foligno and Grant Bradley (UK), Krzysztof Solek (Poland), Larisa Gutarevich (Ukraine).

Film project joint production of Ukraine and great Britain “Legacy of lies” / Legacy of Lies has become one of the winners of the tenth competition for the selection of the state and received state financial support in the amount of 17 million??463 thousand UAH (20% of total production).