Ukrainian club, mocking the opponent in the Champions League and reached Ultraound

Украинский клуб поиздевался над соперником в Лиге чемпионов и вышел в Элитраунд

Kherson “Prodeksim” played their second match of the main round of the Futsal Champions League.

Halle Hook – Prodeksim 3:7

After the draw against Benfica Kherson met with the hosts of the parquet – the Belgian club “hull Hook” and won a smashing victory 3:7.

The beginning of the match was for owners, and the Ukrainians a couple of times got lucky (rod and a few poignant moments), but until the end of time “Prodeksim” leveled the game, and at the end of the first period and does have a comfortable advantage in the account. Ronin on 19-th and 20-th minute scored twice.

After the break the Ukrainians acted confidently and not allowed to doubt the superiority. Staging a gunfight, “Prodeksim” scored five goals, although he missed three goals.

Thus, the “Prodeksim” for the tour to finish guaranteed access to Ultraound, and now the match against “Araz” will affect only the final allocation of seats in the group.

In the elite round of 16 clubs will divide again into four groups, the winners of which will receive a pass to the final stage. The deadline for completion of the elite round – 19-24 November. The draw – October 18 (beginning at 15:00 Kyiv time).

The final four of the Champions League, the UEFA Futsal will be held 23-25 or 24-26 April 2020 at the site of one of the participants.