Ukrainian courts will be built on the American model

Украинские суды будут строить по американскому образцу

Room want to make more secure for people who testify.

The government is studying the possibility of designing in the courts the modern rooms to provide anonymous testimony, equipped with a screen, hide the image and change the voice of the secret witnesses. About it reported in a press-service of the Ministry of regional development, construction and housing and communal services.

The Deputy Minister of the Agency Leo Partskhaladze noted that it is important for the safety, protection and privacy of those people who testify.

“I’m sure you’ve seen these rooms in American movies. In real life abroad for questioning a secret witness in the hearing of cases in courts are typically used in these rooms with special equipment, which hides the image and changes the voice. Now we update the state building codes for the design of ships. And one of the proposals for changes to these norms is obligatory in a modern private room where the witnesses who are under protection, will be able to provide anonymous testimony. That there was all the necessary equipment for the concealment image, change the voice and met the necessary requirements of security and privacy of witnesses,”he said.

According to the official, the applicable standards have requirements to design separate rooms for witnesses, which must be equipped with a telephone and video link, but it is not the conditions and equipment that should be provided with modern courts.

“We need to carefully study foreign experience, to take it as a basis and adapt it to Ukrainian realities and to implement” – said Leo Partskhaladze.

Украинские суды будут строить по американскому образцу