Ukrainian daily overcomes Cycling 160 kilometers

Українець щодня долає на велосипеді 160 кілометрів

It helped him become a European champion, the newspaper “Express”.

In Glasgow continues European Championships track Cycling. Ukrainian Roman Gladish was not equal in the individual race at the distance of 15 km (60 laps of 250 metres).

“After the twentieth lap, it became clear that Gladysh won at least a silver medal, — says Andrey Karhut, trainer of the winner. — After the first third of the race the novel and its French rival Adrien Garel much detached from the other participants, and at the finish were stronger than our rider.

By the way, at last year’s European Championships in Berlin, the novel won a bronze medal.”

— What is the key to the success of the cyclist?

Romana 23. And behind him is a lot of responsible competitions. Gladysh started Cycling at the age of 13, and at 17 he won the Junior international competitions, then was troupe at the races.

This guy is a real workaholic. He trains twice a day: four hours in the morning and two in the evening. During this time, overcomes on the bike to 160 miles! It’s exhausting work. By the way, the Ukrainian has no such conditions for training as his competitors from other countries.

— What is missing?

— We have problems with financing. For example, can’t afford to pay for the services of a masseur and psychologist. Replaces these professionals coach.

Losing to rivals and in the inventory. A good bike is now worth about ten thousand euros. On such travel athletes from Italy, France, Belgium and other European countries. We use more modest equipment. It provides the sponsor.

But even under these conditions, Roman Gladysh became the strongest in Europe. He leveled all the shortcomings of the hard work and dedication to Cycling. Roman is a fan of his work.


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