Ukrainian designed electric car that collects the potatoes and carries the snow (photo)

Українець сконструював електрокар, який збирає картоплю і розгортає сніг (фото)

It’s such a wheelbarrow with a motor, needs no human assistance, in addition to pressing the button on the remote control. On the establishment of a technical miracle Peter Holovaty spent a few months. Specialty husband is a teacher of physics and computer science, the newspaper “Express”.

“Today, the transport moves to electric — says the owner. — So I decided to create a small prototype, which incorporates the same principle of operation as in electric vehicles. It is a universal platform that replaces the power of one person. You can use it to transport various loads. Electric car weighs over a hundred pounds and can carry cargo of the same weight”.

The device is charged from the usual outlets. The charge lasts for about two days.

To create the robot, the husband was drawing 3-D diagrams on the computer didn’t know all the details fit into the planned dimensions of the machine. Its width -75 cm, and length 90 cm. the Frame work is of metal, electric motors and batteries of electric bicycles, and laptop electronics for control — homemade (from the Chinese, and not just electronic components), chains and sprockets from different bikes, wheels from vehicle, remote control toy helicopter.

“First electric vehicle was less than 4 wheels from the usual cars — says the man. — However, in this case they could not wrap potatoes, because the distance from the ground to the frame was too small. So I redid the work on two large wheels to raise it higher above the ground. Used the wheels from the vehicle, the so-called dokatki — they are a little more narrow than standard, but it is something that I really needed”.

Was already willing to buy robot or to order the production of the same, but Peter Holovaty is in no hurry to sell it. “I want to finish the necessary tools and experience everything in practice,” — says the inventor.

“By the way, as soon as we began using the robot, the villagers were very surprised with my invention, — says the man. — He was carrying bags, and I went a little further with the remote and ran. It is so very unusual for them! And now my assistant few people shocked, many also want to have such a thing.”


Julia TOMCHYSHYNPhoto from the archive of Peter Holovaty

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