Ukrainian doctor in Italy told how the country deals with an epidemic

Украинский врач в Италии рассказал, как страна борется с эпидемией

Last Saturday a group of 20 volunteer doctors of the Ministry of interior and the Ministry of health flew to Italy to help local doctors in the fight against coronavirus. They were sent to the province of Marche, where it was the largest number of patients and deaths.

The head of the hospital of the Ministry of internal Affairs Yuriy Sak, who is one of the members of the Ukrainian delegation of physicians in Italy, spoke about the diagnosis and treatment algorithm of patients with coronavirus in Italy.

He told this a press-service of the interior Ministry.

“When we arrived, we saw almost no one on the street, because it imposed strict rules of quarantine. When we left the hotel, we stopped several times by the police and we explained that we doctors from Ukraine. Only after that we, or accompanied, or let go. The Italians are very scared that they have a higher morbidity and mortality rate from coronavirus”, – said the doctor.

A doctor and another 9 people are in the city of Pesaro, the Marche province, the other in Urbino, of the same province. According to Saka, while the load on doctors and nurses less than it was two weeks ago. Despite the load and the infection of health care workers, none of them resigned and transferred to another medical facility.

Also the doctor told me that the hospital patients come, if you come by yourself or when you call for an ambulance.

“As we have seen, ambulances are fully-taped shut, which is processed and all personnel in protective suits. Because it is difficult to say: the patient with positive or negative symptoms of the coronavirus. Diagnosis occurs at the hospital. The patient delivered to the emergency room, where he begins working doctors and nurses. Going medical history, patient worries, done an electrocardiogram, the analysis is taken venous and arterial blood, is taken PCR diagnosis for the presence or absence of a coronavirus,” shared the health care provider.

If necessary the patient can assist emergency Department. If the patient is positive for the coronavirus that causes it is moved to another Department.

“All the protocols and treatment regimens – give us. They understand why we’re here. I would like to say to our compatriots, quarantine measures are justified. In Italy, unfortunately, they were late, which allowed to quickly spread this virus and led to greater losses. I want to wish you all good health and thank you for your support. We’ll be back soon,” concluded the medic.